Some thoughts about living and aging…

As we age, we think about ageing more and more. How can we slow it down? How can we hold on to the capabilities of the younger times? How can we delay all that comes with old age?Truth be told, old age cannot be prevented but you can delay it, at least many of the frailties come with it. The mind is your greatest defense, but your body is your second best.

The mind
Engage your mind every day in every way possible. Read. Write, Journal. Record. Read worthwhile material as well as junk. Read authentic news, as well as the fake.

Some may remember Leo Buscaglia, a modern day philosopher who was positive and optimistic about life. His message was live life to the fullest and he did.

James Clear
Today, Buscaglia has been replaced by another modern day philosopher, guru of better living, master of living well and positivity.

Visit the James Clear site to view some of his positive thinking. You may be inspired. You may be motivated. You will definitely find some food for thought.


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