RAVES & RANTS: The dumbest and worst movie ever

Absolutely the worst movie ever made, without reservation.

I just spent an evening watching what I would label as the worst movie ever made and it led me to making some conclusion about our society today.

The Greek empire collapsed. The Roman Empire took longer, but eventually decayed and died. Our society rose quickly, birthed by the Rennaissance and the Enlightenment, but it is collapsing, faster than any of us wish.

The evident decay
Our society is showing its decay everywhere. This decay is most evident in the media and this horrible movie epitomizes the extent of this decay. We not only tolerate such stupidity, but we elevate it and idolize it to such a degree that these things become cult statuses.

Where and when did it start?
Perhaps the child was born cursed with a malevolent side, an evil twin, guaranteeing its own ultimate end. We have had corrupt leaders even as Enlightened philosophers such as Kant, Smith and Hobbes criticized the society in which they lived.

Move time forward
The physical challenges of the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were never publicized. He was always photographed sitting down, fully standing, behind a desk or riding in a convertible, the photo never revealing his physical disability. Move along. Eisenhower, the war leader who partnered the destruction of Germany with the unspeakable and arguably unjustified Allied bombing, was elevated to hero status as he became president. ‘Might makes right,’ very curiously Eisenhower became the supreme commander of the Allied forces even though the US came into the war two years after it started and only after American territory was attacked. Harry Truman may have received the same adulation had he stayed in office or if the bomb had not taken on such a horrendous perspective.

The role of the media
The media may be the soothsayers of our society but they have not yet verbalized the extent of our society’s decay.

JFK blemishes of principle and ethics were never published in his time. It needed the tectonic shift of Watergate and the imminent impeachment of Tricky Dick for the media to become the voracious predators they have now become. The sharks of today’s society, verbalize the bloody waters in which they feed. Nixon’s demise marked the end of an era and open season on revealing the decay, imperfection and corruption of western society.

Trump opens the floodgates?
Nixon and Watergate, Regan and Contra, Clinton and Lewinsky, Trump and a cacophony of whores demonstrate the level of acceptance to which we now bow. This decay and desecration of ethics and principles disintegrates further with each tweet and Facebook like.

Wikileaks, Clinton emails
Assange, Snowden and Chelsea Manning now step in, pulling more plugs from the dike holding back the obvious revelation that Western society is corrupt, malevolent and on a relentless path of self-destruction. As more and more behind the scenes secrets were revealed, the media sharks became more emboldened in their hunt for new prey, more blood.

Today, that blood is everywhere and it is accepted with less questioning and more acceptability with each new revelation.

Donald Trump open the floodgates. Fake news became tolerated news. Said often enough it became acceptable news. Immorality, irresponsibility, political corruption, all increasingly accepted, easily dismissed and too readily becoming mainstream. Stormy isn’t so stormy; the Mexican wall may not be constructed of concrete and steel, but the still no less impenetrable when built on the basis of the American military.

The decay of western society is clearly evident in every facet of the media, print, radio, TV and cinema. The proverbial envelope is inexorably pushed further and further and each new leading edge becomes acceptable far too readily. Language serves as a simple example. Today, what once was considered foul language, a language only tolerated in a pool hall or the male side of the old beer halls, today is openly used by TV shows and Hollywood movies. Bodily waste descriptors used daily on even so-called family-oriented shows. Lewinsky’s sperm stained blue dress would never have been described or noted in a pre-Watergate newspaper. ‘Tricky Dick” was no accidental euphemism for the corrupt president.

Yet, there is a depressing acceptability surrounding this decay. Clinton, another president of arguable scruples and principles, has never disappeared from the limelight. He receives inexplicable adulation today even though he was guilty of immorality and sexual abuse by an employer. Trump’s poll numbers never dip to a level where he can be viewed as ‘remove from office now, with no delay’ levels. In fact, he seems to hold unexplainable levels of support even in regions where he has lied the most, promising the undeliverable.

Our society tolerates more and more despicable, unacceptable evils. TV glamorizes them. Radio highlights them in talk show discussions. Hollywood exalts them to cult status.

Critics of what is happening are drowned out by volume, numbers, or the inevitable boredom caused by the relentless repetition of the same headlines stories by the news media. No matter how titillating, hearing too much about stormy weather in Washington becomes boring and inevitably leads to even the most dedicated newshound turning a deaf ear.

Today, yesterday’s unacceptable become acceptable, worse still, they are is often elevated to status of becoming cult attractions. The criteria of the past are no longer the gauge by which acceptability is measured. Morality, principles, values, once seen as universal and intractable, today are viewed as ‘for the moment.’ Where once a movie was criticized as being bad or poor, today, it gets elevated to idol levels, even Oscar consideration status.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” has decayed to “Fuck you!” and worse, it is accepted almost universally. The younger generation dismisses such criticism as not worth attention, only words and words are not really injurious. However, the words all too often are the preface to violence. Sexual harassment inevitably follows ‘You have nice legs.’ or ‘You look good in that tight sweater.’ The young see such statements as silly and that is the point. Society sunk to levels where the offensive are no longer seen as such. Worse, these offensive thrusts are readily dismissed as being ignorable.

Western society had devolved to such levels of decay that we cannot see it. The society has become inured to the daily violence everywhere, regionally and internationally, domestic and social. Afghan, Syria, the Middle East, Africa, more and more diminished their volume lessens as that news is broadcast repeatedly and daily. Racism, domestic violence, misogyny, increasingly acceptable because we become hardened by the boredom of repetition.

Where does that leave us? Where we once criticized horrendous acts, lousy movies and despicable activities, today we accept them. In fact, we are deaf to the earlier guardians and defenders of social principles, ethics and moral values. The defenders of the past defend no longer, criticize no more. Instead, they praise and deify what once was seen as evil.

The evil twin grows in strength as Western society crumbles and decays.

[ What’s the movie? You ask. To name it would be joining the ranks of those who are praising it. It is an absolute abomination of quality movie making but the critics rank it very high…91%. Thankfully the public has not succumbed completely, ranking it to 88%. No matter, it is so bad, so unredeeming in value, and such a waste of time, I should demand my rental money back. ]
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