ARCHIVES: The environment is making you sick !


Sponsored by the Ajax-Pickering chapter of CARP, Executive/Chair Randy Filinski introduced Dr. Molot to a crowd of about two hundred people who attended this speaking engagement at the Pickering public library, Feb. 10th.

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Dr. Molot is a practitioner of environmental medicine. He believes many of the chronic maladies people suffer today have origins in our polluted environment.

Dr. Molot’s studies, examinations, analyses and practice with over 20,000 patients for more than 40 years have led him to pointing the finger at the environment as our medical villain. Air pollution is everywhere, inside and outside, but being inside is worse for you. Yet, Canadians spend about 90% of their time inside buildings, their homes, their office buildings, their recreation centres, their shopping malls. All these buildings have polluted air. This pollution comes from a variety of sources: the construction materials used to build them, the cleaning fluids used to clean them, the toxic fumes emanating continuously inside them, from their painted walls to the carpet dust emitted by the floor covering.

Outside air is barely less toxic. Vehicles pollute, machinery used outside pollutes, home owners pollute as they beautify their gardens with a melange of toxic chemicals. The toxicity of the environment is inescapable.

What are the effects of this constant and inescapable pollution? In Dr. Molot’s view, many chronic illnesses, maladies which we often attribute to aging, are more likely caused by the environment. He talked about high blood pressure, asthma problems, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s and autism and targeted pollution as the enemy. Dr. Molot has developed and provided workshops for Canadian and Ontario family physicians relating to sick building syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, and the relationship of common chronic illnesses to the environment.

Dr. Molot’s message, apocalyptic at first blush, was not all doom and gloom. When asked what the average person could or should do to combat the inescapable ravages waged by our toxic environment, the good doctor referred to the “9 rules his granny lived by,” practical, common sense practices which can be overlooked as being too simple and unscientific: eat lots of vegetables, brush your teeth, exercise. Dr. Molot reduced granny’s rules to fewer than her 9.

He advises that we take in less, eat less and monitor your foods. If you can’t pronounce it, skip it. Eat five helpings of vegetables every day, colourful ones. So dive into your red pepper, your green broccoli, your green kale, Swiss chard, beets and the beet leaves too!

Next, make your home a scent free zone. Get rid of all the chemical cleaners with their toxic chemical scents. Your bed sheets don’t have to smell like a pine forest. Your carpeting spills can be wiped up without stain removing toxic pollutants. Use natural products to clean and maintain your home, not the artificial, chemical laden, sweet scented ones marketing wizards try to convince you are wonderful for your home. They aren’t. They are helping to make you sick.

Finally, Dr. Molot says, “sweat.” Sweat either through exercise or by taking saunas. Sweating is the body’s mechanism for reducing its toxicity. Sweats, the toxins emanate from the body. Exercise has more than the silver lining of cardiovascular benefits. Sweat and detoxify your body naturally.

The question and answer session which followed Dr. Molot’s talk only confirmed his fundamental message. Keep your house clean, keep your body clean and you will feel better physically and medically.

Good message Dr. Molot. Bravo !!

Randy Filinski introduced Dr. Molot to the Pickering library audience.


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