CANADA DAY was a terrible day of TURMOIL for me this year. Read why below:

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity, it is the season of light, it is the season of darkness, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair.”
                             paraphrasing Charles Dickens

I feel gut-wrenchingly upset with the leaders and representatives in the government of Canada today. In 75 years of living in Canada, I have never been as ashamed of saying I am a Canadian as I am today. I am very ashamed. I am sure you feel that way too !

How can our politicians be so unresponsive to lessons which should have been learned from previous government failures? Do politicians understand the meaning of character, action, ethics, propriety, equality and justice?

I have lived in Canada since 1948. Never before have I been ashamed of saying I am Canadian or wearing a flag on my jacket while travelling. I am now. COVID has one silver lining: I don’t travel.

These are horrendous times calling for constructive action and positive policies. In the meantime, our Prime Minister toys with the idea of calling an election, an election in these pandemic times. This kind of mentality in our federal leadership makes me question elections and voting these days.

Going to hell in a handbasket
We may already have reached the destination. 
Click Lowlifes to read a list of questionabe representatives in our federal/provincial/municipal governments;

Consideration the letter I want to send to Prime Minister
I am composing a letter to send to PM Trudeau, I have hesitated and been reluctant to send it thusfar not because it may be erroneously interpreted as offensive but because more likely it will be absolutely useless to do so. I expect nothing will change; the platitudes and promises will continue on wings of hot air. Nothing will change. I am very discouraged.

I still have one hope though, that there are enough people out there who want leaders to hear what we feel: shame, remorse, guilt. [ I am a little discouraged with the response I have received thusfar. My wife, bless her soul, says people aren’t reading your site daily; people have their own lives; some people like Trudeau; some people aren’t as impulsive or spontaneous as you. ]  We want action, real, concrete, constructive and positive action. Skip the standing behind the podium making more hot air promises. Pick an issue and begin real work on it and show us that elected representatives are not just in the job for a pension!

Right now, I am drafting and revising the letter [ it is in 6th draft now ], as I do not want to insult or offend but I want to prod the Prime Minister into responding publicly and personally. We shall see.

  1. I invite your feedback to my writing Trudeau:
    I would like to hear what you have to say about this idea of writing to Trudeau and your feedback about my “Letter to Trudeau – Draft #5

  2. Would you permit me to add your name to the list of signees?
    I thought reaching 25 signees might be easy. Not so sure now but at some point, I will bite the bullet and send, regardless..

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and if you send feedback, I will be very grateful. All I want is to feel proud about my country again.



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