ERMA's desk...: Valentines, purposed merchandise acquisition

Valentines, the first sign of purposeful merchandise acquisition following the Christmas/New Years Celebrations?


The color red awakens the emotion and we cannot escape the display windows that sends the strong message of “coming soon”! These displays are a deliberate attempt to draw us into a mindset. Like a kid in an arcade, many of us will purchase at least one Valentine related item, which speaks of the power of commercialism and the subtle ways we meet expectations.

Once again, love is in the air, so to ensure you are on board just breathe it in. It’s that special time for lovers when hearts are being stimulated by the impulse of getting the right gift with the motivation to celebrate and express love, admiration or a demonstration of our intent to love another. As Valentine’s day draws near, there is usually a spike in the cost of some items, such as lingerie, chocolate, flowers, and the creation of the right ambiance for fine dinning, which sets the tone for the evening.

The celebration of Valentine’s gives us North Americans something to celebrate which we personalize by engaging in the possibility of momentary happiness. While the idea is rich in commercialism, it can also be flawed with disappointments, yet it holds the ability to be a catalyst for the creation of great memories. How many of us can or even desire to dispute the idea that says, it is o.k. to spend a bit more to have the opportunity to woo our Valentine in an atmosphere sparkling with the creativity of a real fantasy, especially when you are ushered to your seat and as you glanced around the room or space, and see the spectacular interplay of colors massaging your senses you wonder if “they have read my mind”. It takes sensitivity, creativity, and a little bit of risk sometimes, to create a theme to appeal to the senses of an educated public that knows the cost of most things.

The idea of Valentine creates expectations. Affairs of the heart is difficult to contain so to apportion it and release it in the right measure, takes self control and a solid rational. For the unattached there may be hope but what exactly is the hope? Is the hope to meet someone and be overcome by your love for them or vice versa? If this is the hope, it has a feeling of let’s play a game of Valentine’s, which can only end with the winner takes all and the loser gets the don’t take it so hard “it was only a game”. Would either part consider that fair treatment? After the event reaches it’s climax what was the expectation? Expectation of one’s self is fair game but expectation of another, signs the document of disappointment. A word of caution, expect nothing different from your Valentine; it is only a “moment”. Take from the event what was good and let the rest die a sudden death. Truth be told, you were the problem but love says “never mind” it’s Valentine’s.

Great memories are possible, especially, if you are able to keep commercialism and expectations in check. That could be the ingredients for a win/ win situation where the spirit of Valentine is freely celebrated. Valentine’s is what you make it; it’s like most other celebrations which are created by man, so we the participants are free to change the rules and customize it to meet our own emotional threshold. Don’t be so focus on the name Valentine’s, see it as an exercise to keep your hearts soft, and share it with another because a heart that has no desire to share, is a heart that will be broken from lack of reasons to beat joyously. From my heart to yours, I suggest you enjoy the bliss of it all!

Happy heart to heart!

Erma Washington 
Feb 2018.

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