Virtual Book Club meeting

Just participated in my first virtual Book Club meeting…a pleasing experience. Small library, so small turnout.

The Clarington Public Library hosted a ZOOM virtual book club meeting, topic, ‘Laugh out Loud,’ books with a sense of humour, so to speak. 

Andrea, Mary, Soi Mui Chau and Richard shared their favourite humorous reads, titles and authors. The participants laughed out loud as they spoke about their current comedic reads. Andrea, mom to three little ones, explained how she preferred audio books as they permitted her freedom to work with her kids while still enjoying a book. 

Soi Mui Chau listed her favourite authors and explained that she actually found a book titled, “Laugh out Loud,” though it was inconsistent in its maintaining its level of humour. She saw that this inconsistency was a matter of a person’s sense of humour rather than the author’s style. She may be very right.

Mary seemed drawn to more serious authors telling us that her favourites were Pat Conroy and John Irving. A very well read book reader, Mary was quite familiar with almost every book that we discussed, knowing the authors and the plotlines of each. A very knowledgeable reader.

Richard touted his favourite humour author, Terry Fallis and his latest work, Albatross. He also described the work by Ginger Henry Kuenzel, Downtown, a short little book about life in small town America written in the Erma Bombeck style though that is taking away from Kuenzel. Kuenzel captures the essence of small towns and does it with humour, fun and entertainment. Muskoka residents can identify with Kuenzel’s Downtown.

The meeting was an enjoyable one maybe because there were few participants and so each had plenty of opportunity of contributing commentary and opinion. The meeting host, Mary, proved herself not only a skilful and sensitive manager of book club participants but also demonstrated an excellent memory for much of what she had read in her reading life.

Kudo’s to the Clarington Public Library for this presentation which was a positive and productive experience for all the participants.


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