WAG members volunteer as special moderators

Critiquing Moderator

The position of Critiquing Samples moderator needs a tactful touch sharpened with experience and intelligence. The moderator will have to coordinate, manage and moderate critiquing of writer samples from individuals who have given effort in creating their work, undoubtedly convinced it is excellent and should receive minimal criticism. Hence, the moderator must find tactful ways of managing writers in a way that will have them pleased with what they have learned without feeling diminished.

Sheila Tucker is a published poet, memoir writer, broadcaster, and community activist. She wrote a memoir about a very difficult and agonizing upbringing, its remaining legacies were resolved by therapy and professional interaction. This personal background will undoubtedly serve Sheila well in her new position as Critiquing Moderator.

We congratulate her on taking on the responsibility and look forward to the benefits and valuable input critiquing will give the writers who participate in the service.

Presentations moderator

The role of the Presentations Moderator may much like a circus juggler as the moderator must juggle many balls: calendar dates, topic submissions, cancellations, rescheduling, selection and rejection of topics and presentation ideas. Many balls each of which must be handled in a tactful and sensitive way for the WAG members are creative and passionate artists who need considerate and careful management. As well as considering the presenters, this moderator must also consider the WAG participants who want to learn and improve themselves as writers but who believe their time is too precious to mismanage.

Howard Pell has taught technology at post-secondary levels and co-ordinated business employees, executives and community groups in their pursuit of skills development and expertise in areas beyond just technology. He is a published writer who is looking to publish his third book. His repertoire of skills and expertise has been enhanced by extensive European travel and sojourns there where he devoted time to his writing craft with lengthy stays in Catalonia and Lisboa, regions in his favourite European destinations.

We congratulate Howard on taking on the responsibility of Presentations Moderator and look forward to many fulfilling and rewarding meetings devoted to learning more and improving ourselves as writers.


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