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The Blog is a lot of work…

but reader feedback makes it worthwhile!

As you are reading this, you are either curious about the things I write about, or you are entertained by them, or you have enjoyed something which I posted somewhere and want to see more. Well, I keep trying.

Explaining the blog2014-07-31_15h21_13

Explaining my blog has is of questionable merit; either you enjoy what I write or you think I am off the wall! Recently, I received a really astute observation about my email addy, The writer asked me if my handle should be read as “zippy one go” or “zippy on ego.” When, I gave it second thought, I saw the writer’s point. I think every writer, would be author, has ego issues and many do not pander to the whims, piccadillos and current interests of their readers, unless they write for a pay cheque. I earn nothing from this blog. Like Cuba, it is commercial free. I may advocate some product, usually computer software or an application, but not for money. I write about what interests me, when it does.

2014-07-31_15h22_15It would be an act of self-delusion to see Ernest Hemingway reflected in my mirror when I shave each morning, but without such aspirations, how would the verbal struggles ever resolve themselves. Rosie Dimanno gets channeled in me every time I touch this keyboard. 2014-07-31_15h24_12I once asked a group of older students of mine, “How many read Rosie?” Wrong question! “How many ever heard of Rosie D.?” would have been more appropriate. And these were adult students!!

Failing as a navigator of my blog2014-07-31_15h27_03

Getting around my blog is easy peasy, in my books. Sure, ’cause I hold a mental map in my hand and can see the route at all times. Readers who come here to explore for the first time must be puzzled as the blog can easily become an unintended navigational challenge.


I designed a big, black MENU bar to be my roadside destination signs. There should be no thinking, no perplexity over each area labelled there. Each area has an explanation of what the topic is about. I wonder if I am succeeding with my intent of clarification, of if I have failed.


“What’s active now,” shows

Ever notice that what you are involved in in your life, dominates all your activities. If you are taking a cooking course, all you think about is menus, ingredients, cooking methodologies. Traveling right now? Your dominant thinking is about suitcases, luggage, weight limits and flying. In my case, one of the associations I belong holds a lot of my attention, maybe more than it should. Like a scab, playing with it is irresistible. It pains me but I can’t resist the temptation to pick at it. So it dominates the blog, maybe too much, but then it’s a scab.

2014-07-31_15h29_56Navigating this
lexiconic sea

Let me explain the map. Click on a topic in the MENU Bar, a menu drop down will pop down showing you the subtopics which are available. Some subtopics may have secondary subtopics, displayed once you highlight one of them to display a fly-out secondary set subtopics. When you are hovering over a topic which piques your interest, click on it to open it. Read, comment if you like (there’s a comment box at the bottom), I would like that. Go back up to the MENU and click on another topic.

Photos say so much2014-07-31_15h31_51

I love photos, always have. Digital photography is my eye candy store. I cannot count the number of digital photographic devices I have. I can’t call all of them cameras because some are computer devices like iTouches, iPads, Android tablets but each takes photos. I have cameras too and have forgotten the many things I have learned about their use over the years. However, the computer based photo editing programs are very forgiving of almost every photographic error I make. Too dark, lighten it; distracting background object, crop; too bright, edit; there is almost no error that cannot be repaired except one, poor composition. Study the work of Yossouff Karsh, Margaret Bourke-White, Andrew Prokos, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz and even our Canadian musician, Bryan Adams. Examine their works you’ll never return to Just kidding, I think you will just out curiosity.

You came, visit again, and again to put a bit more “zippy on Ego !!”

Come by again. Visit again and again to see what new stuff I have posted. Leave a comment, a compliment, a criticism. I will read the comment, enjoy the compliment and reject the criticism…yeah, sure, like the princess who ignored the pea under the mattress.


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