TECH: WINDOWS 10 FREE UPGRADE … coming to an end

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WINDOWS 10, stable, rock solid and worth getting.

Windows 10  was offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7/8 users in July, 2015. The bugs are gone; stability reigns; operates smoothly without bumps in the road. Highly recommended.

Bumps smoothed out
The first few months, there were minor problems with the OS (operating system), making me reluctant to recommend it. There were ‘driver’ conflicts with installed hardware and software but every few weeks, a new Windows update ironed out more and more of the kinks. The updates were done transparently, often when the computer was off or idle, resulting in very few disruptions to the user.

Today, I confidently taut Windows 10 as a solid operating system that is super at what it is supposed to do, run your computer smoothly, without disruptions and without you needing to spend time becoming a computer nerd yourself.

“Free” ride coming to an end
However, the days of “free” Windows 10 are coming to a close. July 29, 2016 is D-Day, “DARN DOLLARS” and at present, the cost for the upgrade is being guessed at about $200. Is it worth it? I don’t know the answer to that. To me the switch at no charge is very worth it. I have been a Windows OS user forever; all my programs are Windows based; all my drivers (for my attached devices [hardware] and for my programs [software] are based on Windows. So changing to another system like Linux or Mac is out of the question. Am I a happy Microsoft WINDOWS camper. I am nowadays after finding WINDOWS 10 doing all that it is supposed to do, efficiently, smoothly and seamlessly.

Given my limited computer knowledge, I would still recommend Windows 10 highly and my recommendation grows in strength each time I see another issue automatically resolved by Windows 10. The program is very easy to navigate; it performs as effectively and efficiently as expected in my books; but importantly, I found access to support was very readily available on line, at no charge. Microsoft is pushing for Windows 10 to get the popular support that Windows 7 has had. And MS is going to succeed. 

My recommendation: Go for it
My bottom line: I highly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 while the ‘freebie’ is still available. Upgrading installation is handled by Windows 10 completely. All you have to do is start the process off and then sit back, sip your favourite libation and watch. Screen update messages will automatically pop up from time to time. If there seems to be a delay, be patient, Windows 10 is huge and it will resume confirmation pop ups eventually. The only cost to you is if you have a Internet provider plan which charges more for lengthy data downloads. (Do you download and watch movies at added charge? Then Windows 10 installation may cost you a bit, a bit meaning double digit figures depending on your provider…phone them and ask because downloading and installing Windows 10 is really worth it.







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