DISCUSSIONS: 1-(June 30) Ready for PRM time? PC leader poor on policy, on campaign strategy?

No doubt you have seen his TWO, same two, campaign ads on TV. The same ads run over and over. What in the world is this man’s campaign strategist thinking?

The electorate is tolerant…to a point. Brow beat them and you will lose them.


He may be leader of the provincial PC party claiming he has overcome the speech impediment he had as a youth. Bravo…now he needs to overcome his policy and promises speech impediment.

Ad after ad, the same two ads by the way, and you learn nothing about Patrick Brown’s platform. Perhaps, as one group of seniors suggest, the man is playing it smart, delaying specific promises until nearer the election date. That could be a strategy of merit, if it works. But at this point, without any specific platfom promise, how can he expect to attract any support at all? A political party must stand for something. There have to be clear policies in place for the public to consider. His closest one is based on criticism of the provincial Liberals; that their minimum wage law is too much too fast. No clarification as to the PC position, no expansion of the PC possibilities. This is how Brown has operated and continues to operate. Will it lead to success?

Watch the PC ads as the campaign develops to see if any specific promises are made. At the moment, this party stands for nothing but criticism of the government. Not a positive stand, nor a very constructive one.

What do you think?

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