DISCUSSIONS: 3-(June 30) Society suffering malady known as “continuum criticismum” and it’s bad

Complain, criticize and oppose” seem to be the modus operandi of our society today. Is this a symptom of a deeper malaise affecting our society?

Have you noticed that no matter who proclaims whatever in the media, on TV, on the radio, there is an immediate response that invariably is critical or negative.

Set up welfare assistance to help the poor: criticism of waste of tax payers’ dollars.

Open borders to immigrant refugees: critics label it as detouring funds from domestic issues.

Cabinet ministers declare the need for greater funding of Canadian military: the ministers are criticized as grandstanders or outright liars.

Sing the national anthem: your being gender biased as the anthem is criticized as being male oriented.

The list goes on and on.

Is there something more deeply wrong or troubling our society and it has not been identified yet?

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