DISCUSSIONS: 4-(June 23) Mississauga woman cause of racial incident in medical clinic

Some people still have not recognized it is 2017. We are a society which should be colour blind, race blind, culture blind, accepting ever colour, creed and person as human. Simple, straightfoward HUMAN.

But, somehow we still get news stories demonstrating that many people have not checked the calendar…yet.

A mother went to a Mississauga medical clinic with her son who needed to be examined by a doctor. When the doctor presented himself, the woman began to make racist demands. She demanded that she have a doctor who spoke English. She demanded attendance by a white doctor. None of these demands was delivered in a conversational tone, but more in a tone of shouts and yells.

See Toronto Star article: Racism

The police should have been called. This woman should have been charged with disturbing the peace. She was in a public place, a medical clinic, where patients already are anxious and stressed. Her brouhaha was uncalled for on many obvious levels.

Accents can sometimes wreak havoc on comprehension. Occasionally, we have connected with a call centre with a rep who spoke with a very strong accent making comprehension a major challenge. Rather than getting upset or angry with the representative, we have asked for the rep to speak more slowly and more distinctly. This gives the caller time and opportunity to learn how the other speaker speaks. Going further and telling the speaker that is pronounced this way or the better phrase is such is crossing the racial divide into bigotry.

What do you think?

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