DISCUSSIONS: 5 – (Apr 28) Trumpism…the political plague spreads

Oh, how cataclysmic the times in which we live.

We would be laughing at all this if we were not living in the situation itself. The political world’s upheaval and revolution are downright frightening because all of us will live with the impact of these changes take effect.

  Donald Trump

A new revolution in Europe
France is undergoing another revolution, one which was initiated by the offspring of her first revolution, the United States.

Thirteen years after the American Revolution, the first French Revolution took place. Both countries have or are experiencing new revolutions caused by a dissatisfied electorate. The United States threw out their past conservatives, all logic, all sense of fair play, and support for peace in the world’s zone of turmoil in electing Trump. A presidential misfit by any traditional standards, Trump was the new American revolution. Trump is the new wave, the new era, the new politics and he is the godfather to other leaders of the same ilk:

Canada: Leitch and O’Leary
Austria: Hofer
Netherlands:  Wilder
Italy: Maroni
Germany: Petry
Greece: Michaloliakos
Hungary: Jobbik

France: Marine Le Pen
Labelled a neo-Nazi, a Fascist, an extremist, Marine Le Pen, former head of the Front Nationale, came second in the preliminary elections on April 23. She is a front-runner for the finals on May 7. She is channelling Donald Trump: nationalism above all, anti-terrorism, anti-immigration, xenophobia and immigration restrictions and regulations. Trump wants a wall against Mexico, Le Pen wants a politico-economic wall around France. She promotes France’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The world is in turmoil caused by a new political philosophy and nationalist fervour as personified by the likes of leaders like Trump. Trump didn’t start it all. He merely caught the wave and rode it to victory. Today’s citizen speaks from two sides of one mouth: one side claims to support the old traditional politics but the other side quietly whispers racism, bigotry and popular alienation. Nobody publicly admits they want the restriction of immigrants to their country but the secret ballot results shout denial of that whispered claim.

It is our fate to live in this new world of extremism, isolationism, and “me-first-ism.”

Dislike it as much as you want, it isn’t a dream. It’s the new norm, the new reality.

What do you think?


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