DISCUSSIONS: 6-(June 30) Predictions for Canada on its 200th birthday

Canada is the greatest country in the world from many perspectives.

However, many changes will take place here by our 200th birthday. Looking into our crystal ball, here is what we see for Canada 200…



The CBC will no longer exist. Ottawa stopped funding it and it succumbed to the Internet for news and information about the country.

Northern Navigation
Canada’s Arctic waterways will be openly navigated all year round by an extensive merchant marine because global warming has ended the freezing up of the northern marine passageways.

Canadian medicine
Canadian medical researchers will have found cures and vastly improved treatments for Alzheimer’s, (Dementia), MS, diabetes, organ transplants, broken bones, arthritis, obesity, glaucoma, and other diseases. Cancer treatment will improve significantly again, though no cure will yet exist. Cancer prevention will be the new form of attack and will be on the cutting edge of a breakthrough.

Economy and energy
1. Currency, credit cards, ATM machines, cash will all be extinct forms of commercial transactions. Consumers will have a “currency implant” which will work like swiping did in 2017.
2. ‘Mom and pop’ sized retailers will no longer exist. The only bricks and mortar retailers still in existent will be AMAZON, WALMART, GOOGLE and some yet to be started, giant.
3. Food shopping at a grocery store will be extinct. All food will be delivered in hermetically sealed refrigerated or climate-controlled containers. Consumers will have food orders refilled automatically by AI operated devices in their homes.
4. A new form of fuel energy will extinguish all use of fossil fuels.

Canadian Farming Prospers
The weather will be influenced by technology. Cloud seeding will become more effective and Canada will eliminate droughts. The weather bureau will be very close to full control of weather conditions over regions as desired.

1. These electronic devices will no longer exist as they do in 2017: telephones, tablets, desktop/laptop computers. They will be replaced by interactive wrist devices which will project full-screen displays with audio.
2. Consumers will have “smart devices” in each room of their home controlling other devices such as lighting, heating, cooling appliances. These ‘smart devices’ will be voice controlled and require minimal user input as AI will anticipate the user’s needs based on what it has learned in the past.
3. Artificial insemination will be extended to humans.
4. Privately owned cars will be non-existent.

Will not happen
1. Toronto Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley Cup though they will be in the finals a number of times.
2. No Toronto team will win a championship in a professional sport.
3. No Canadian city will host another Olympics, summer or winter.
4. Toronto will continue to have an inadequate public transit system.

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