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2016-10-31_08h03_23 Does waiting around a clinic or lab office test your patience?___


Dynacare Laboratories, a company you should know about as an older adult with growing health concerns offers a new and very special service for lab patients.

“Dynacare – Net Check In”
Install and launch the smartphone app on your phone or your tablet; select the lab location convenient for you; enter identification information and check in for an appointment time via the app.

Check in with the receptionist when you arrive and your wait time will likely be surprisingly short.

A few caveats to note: the new app is having ‘growing pains’ but it can only get better. The useful concept is:
 set up a check in time, arrive at the lab site and be taken care of very quickly.

Another caveat, the app can check in is limited to hours when the lab is open making it much like phoning a company only during business hours.

Finally, a caveat which may bother some individuals as being anti-privacy: when you arrive and check in, your name with a letter for your surname is posted on a large TV monitor for public display showing your expected wait time in decreasing real time, nice but kind of eerie knowing that your name is up for everyone to see. [ You can have your name modified to a number if you prefer by asking the receptionist.]

Dynacare Laboratories
Dynacare Laboratories is a company which provides services like collection and transportation of specimens, accurate testing and prompt reporting of results to patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, corporate clients and government agencies across Canada.
Founded in 1959 as Central Medical Laboratories, it has grown into being one of Ontario’s largest medical laboratory service providers and now includes:

• London Biochemistry Reference Laboratory
• Douglas Laboratory Services
• Kopp Clinical Laboratory
• Kipling Medical Laboratories,
• Elixir Medical Laboratories
• Park-Med Laboratories
• Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories

Acquiring and developing itself into a “health solutions company” of world class calibre, Dynacare’s mission is to support healthy lives with commitment and care. They are dedicated to inspiring confidence in everyone they serve (individuals, healthcare practitioners, healthcare institutions, governments and corporations) so they can make better health decisions on behalf of the persons they serve and/or employ.

Give the app a try and send feedback here so others can benefit from your experience.

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