EDITORIAL: This hangover is beyond description !


Nobody believed it…except one man !
Nobody expected it….except one man !
Nobody predicted it…except one man !


The pollsters were wrong, again! These so called experts, political pollsters, erred in a number of Canadian provincial election predictions. They blew it again with the US election. All the experts were wrong. A list of the incredible: It could never happen! The man’s a clown! His own party refused to support him. Latinos decried his racial views. Blacks labelled him a racist. Women were offended by him, to say the least. The establishment viewed his chances of winning as impossible. Washington insiders scoffed at him. World leaders laughed at him, dismissed him as a buffoon.

During the election, he ranted and raved, promised extreme things, even threatened his campaign opponent with criminal charges. He changed campaign managers three times, but he got it right. He ran an astonishing race: smashing 18 more qualified, more experienced candidates in the primaries and then obliterating the establishment’s flag bearer on election day after almost two years of campaigning.


The buffoon won! We wrote about his winning a number of times here comparing his support to that of Barabbas, to that of Rob Ford.

Now prepare yourself, Canada; prepare yourself people…you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

President elect Trump has won not just the presidency, but he also won majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives. He may not wear a crown but his red baseball cap sure sits like one. He has the political support to affect changes the likes of which have never been seen, and were absolutely unpredictable.


What does this mean for society
This ‘clown’ has made a laughing stock of the establishment, of society, of people with principles, morals and integrity. Society will never be the same. Worse, the ‘intellects’ of society might as well blow in the wind, Their expertise and predictions based on experience and practice have been blown out of the water. Nothing they say matters again. Let them say whatever they want, claim whatever they feel is accurate, insist that only they know the truth. Trump has annihilated them.

Does it mean that the Trump’s philosophies for living will become acceptable for society: mysogeny, bigotry, bullying, racism, xenophobia? I would like to think not. The universality of moral principles will never be destroyed by any bombastic, bodacious, braggart…maybe, maybe not. People will always adhere to principles of morality and integrity…maybe, maybe not. Truth, respect, dignity and equality will always prevail…maybe, maybe not.


Big changes are coming
Exaggeration, lying, boasting, bragging and bullying have just become acceptable modes of operation. Let the sycophants emerge from their gopher holes to circle Trump pretending their support was always there. Trump is no fool, proven. He can do as he wishes, and he will. He has proven that his way is the way of tomorrow, no, the way of today. This is a watershed point in history. Society will travel a new road now. People will behave in unexpected ways. Millenials will continue in their belief that previous generations messed up the world and will ostracize these generations. Trump is their new Pied Piper. He called it. He claimed it would be so. He was right. Is he still ?


The new American monarchy
With majorities in both legislative houses, Trump can enact many of his “policies,” in the US for certain, internationally, perhaps not as likely. But don’t bet against him.

The wall with Mexico? No longer a laughing matter.

Obamacare? Citizens of the US, stay healthy!

Big tax cuts to stimulate the economy? Only for the rich ( does this man pay any taxes ? )

The Trans Pacific Partnership? Only a dream.

NAFTA? Canada prepare yourself.

Environmental protection policies? Dream along.

Support of allies against Russian ‘expansion?’ Doubtful.

Canadian ‘greenhouse gas reduction’ policies? Major rethinking needed.

All doom and gloom
Trump promised coal miners and oil workers their job numbers would increase. The Keystone XL pipeline will likely be approved. Take that indigenous people of the Midwest! Stand up and cheer Alberta! Your economic downturn may be over. At least, until American tariffs price Canadian goods out of the American market.

The hangover hurts
Feeling a bit of pain this morning after these results? Fasten your seat belts; the ride has just begun. And Trump is in the driver’s seat!

Woe is us.


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