Your doctor might become your local “pot” supplier soon

I hang out with a bunch of “pot heads” and I am a SENIOR !!!

Well, ok, this needs a lot more explaining that just a headline.

Getting high, the hands, that is!

Use of marijuana will become legal in 2018. Many people will breathe sighs of relief as they get their medicinal marijuana through legally prescribed sources. Shoppers Drug Mart may become the new supplier. Every Friday, I moderate a group of seniors, a bunch of intelligent, sharp, on-the-ball wits who meet to discuss current events. This bunch is lively, sharp-witted, and some are sharp-tongued too to my consternation at times.

I moderate a group of seniors, an intelligent bunch, sharp, on-the-ball wits who meet to discuss current events. This bunch is lively, sharp-witted, and some are sharp-tongued too to my consternation at times. But what a surprise when we discussed the topic of legalization of marijuana in Canada.

You can see more details about the topic at: marijuana legal in 2018 in Canada. As the discussion unfolded, the odour of marijuana smoke brought up. I was quick to point out that marijuana is available in many other ingestible forms besides smokable. Then someone talked about designated smoke rooms at public establishments like hotels and bars. Again, I quickly repeated that pot comes in other forms besides ‘tokes.’

Then, you could have blown me over with a feather when one of the participants said, “I would like to try marijuana. In fact, I likely will when it is legalized as I wonder how effective it is for the claims that are made about it.”

Every time I think these are old people, they come back with a new surprise and shock me into realizing they may be old on the calendar, but their clocks are still ticking away like Timex wristwatches.

Zoomer magazine writes about marijuana
Then, my newest issue of Zoomer magazines writes about its use.

A woman writes in that she has been suffering from chronic pain for more than 10 years and that her prescribed pain medications were useless in relieving her of the pain. She found a new doctor who agreed to her trial use of marijuana. It worked. Her pain was alleviated significantly, so much that she rarely took conventional pain killers anymore.Her sleep improved markedly.

The woman had other medical issues, asthma, atrial fibrillation, all which caused her to worry that adding more chemicals to her body could only add to her risk of increased problems. Her new doctor prescribed cannabis oil which she can ingest using a calibrated syringe. It’s discreet enough to use in public places.

Another submitter, aged 50, was being treated for mild depression with prescribed medications. This led to severe side effects, including restless leg syndrome, grinding teeth at night, troubled sleep, horrible nightmares and difficulty concentration at work.

The man switched doctors and the new doctor explained the how antidepressants can disrupt the serotonin in the brain. He then suggested cannabis oil. The patient’s life changed almost immediately. The pot prescription “took out the highs and lows,’ improved the man’s sleep patterns. He stopped grinding his teeth and he was able to get 7-8 hours of sound restful sleep.

[Disclaimer: The use of marijuana is not being promoted here in any way. As mentioned in other posts, if your doctor is not open to discussion of the topic, you may want to consider changing doctors, even though finding a doctor can be a challenge in Ontario today]


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