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In memory of all those who died in Toronto on Mon. 23.















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Jutta Van Huss in her studio!

Meet the new resident artist who paints the creative art pieces displayed on our front page. We are very fortunate that she has allowed us to display her work on our front page each month and we look forward to showing much more of her artistic creativity.

Read more about Jutta Van Huss at ARTIST. The details of her work, along with the price of each work, are described there.


 Is all this new technology stressing you? You should have signed up for a City of Pickering Windows 10 or iPad course. But you can still use the manuals which are used in these classes. Click on the highlight titles above to view the manual for that course.


Dining out? Was it memorable?
Give us your feedback. If we publish your review, we’ll buy you a glass of wine. [ Limited time offer and conditions apply* ]

Details at  ‘Too your health!



Elections, elections and more elections

Elections everywhere: national, provincial and municipal. We endeavour to stay on top of the election news at ELECTIONS but we urge you to do your part: VOTEIt’s your democracy; safeguard it by voting. Some elections going electronic to convenience voters. So politicians are doing everything they can. What about you?


Can they be puttn’ us on…as usual?





All three provincial parties were asked for a
policies summary on 
Apr. 11.

The NDP has responded to date with a very lengthy summary.
For the full detailed summary, click on BROCHURE.

Ford says he gets back to everyone. We’re still waiting Mr. Ford!

We aren’t even acknowledged by Wynne’s office. That says something!



City website re-designed but challenging to navigate accesses the LEISURE GUIDE where visitors can find courses and activities covering a wide range of interests. Click on the picture at left to view the PDF file of the guide.

City site: PICKERING
Leisure Guide: GUIDE
Richard teaches:
WIN 10


The focus of the Pickering Public library has changed, numbers supercede people. Sad to see a community institution becoming as impersonal and sterile as institutions in the larger neighbouring municipalities.
Is that Pickering now? See NEW LIBRARY POLICY

March madness in the stacks
Stacks of books but who goeth there? Book clubs. 
Read the new “Kill and fill” policy the PPL is considering at NEW REVISIONS PLAN and the response of the George Ashe Library Book Club at RESPONSE.

Health: body, mind and soul.
Though we have concentrated on memory and the brain, other areas of health are still important. Be sure to visit various categories:  HEALTH and MEMORY

* The painting on our front page is an example of the creativity strategy for improving memory and brain. See Strategy #10.

Check out the new Wellness category to see where you might change some of your lifestyle to improve your health. Click on 8 LIFESTYLE CHANGES.



And  family document preparation: “Estate Organizer
A document that delivered as promised when Nonna passed away. Contact names, phone numbers, email and land mail addresses…all in one place. We did not have to hunt for a thing. Convenient, practice and nothing was missed in doing all the necessary things. Check the details at  Estate Organizer


 From the “great Pickering Prognosticator”

Top 10 predictions for 2018

          TOP 10



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The HEADER has a dedication to the memory of Nonna, Zia Irma, and cousin Chester.

The saga of the “THREE SISTERS and a BROTHER” has come to an end for the two oldest sisters. To learn a little more about them, CLICK on Three SISTERS and a BROTHER

They sing with the angels now!

Nonna Emma


Zia Irma