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  4. FOOD DRIVE at George Ashe Community Centre
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RAVES and more: SEPTEMBER Bits ! - Originally September was the seventh of the ten month year on the oldest known Roman calendar, with March being the first month of the year until perhaps as late as 153 BC. Calendar reform added January and February to the beginning … Continue reading
GOOD EATS: AMICI: Buon gusto for sure! - Amici, an Italian trattoria, opened in Pickering for about two years. Without reservation (I couldn’t resist that one), in my opinion, it is the best Italian eatery in the entire Durham region. Owned by a Sicilian immigrant who … Continue reading
EVENTS and NEWS: Petticoat Creek Library / Community centre renamed - A special re-dedication ceremony was held at the Petticoat Creek Library and Community centre. The centre has been dedicated and renamed in honour of Pickering's first mayor, George Ashe.       The George Ashe Library & Community … Continue reading
NEWS TECH: BEGINNERS COMPUTER course SOLD OUT - The city of Pickering offers two special computer courses to adults 55+. Both courses begin with fundamentals but soar to loftier skill levels, depending on the skills of the course participants. Everyone participating in these courses, beginner or … Continue reading
RECIPES: Are you boiling your eggs correctly? -  Do your boiled eggs have a grey ring around the yolk. Then you aren't boiling them properly. Learn how to boil them correctly. Boil your eggs properly You’re boiling your eggs incorrectly if they have a grey ring … Continue reading
HEALTH: Effects of STRESS on your BRAIN - Stress hurts every aspect of your life and health from emotional well being to brain learning capacity. Find ways to reduce stress in your life. Many people are aware of how much of an impact stress has on … Continue reading
RICHARD writes...: THEATRE CINEMA RIP by 2025 - Some may disagree, but movie theatres will no longer exist after 2015. You read it here first. How long do you think movie theatres will still exist? Though some will disagree with Cooks, Books, and Nooks, we predict the … Continue reading
BOOK: A Man Called Ove - An outstanding read! Many of us know a cantankerous old man or two. I see one every morning ... when I look in the mirror! Ove, the protagonist of this book, is a widower, desperately missing his wife. In … Continue reading
City TODAY: CITY offers many courses, services and activities this fall - Bears hibernate in the winter, but nobody in Pickering does. The City just offers so many things to do, to participate in and to enjoy, it makes choosing a challenge. Be up for the challenge and check out … Continue reading
NEWS: DACA immigration policy – Turnip’s retaliation against Obama - It is a challenge to support President Turnip on anything. His latest policy change is a revocation of an Obama executive order which gave illegal aliens some breathing room before the US government took action against them. Once … Continue reading
HEALTH: PEANUT ALLERGIES may become a thing of the past soon - Are peanuts a danger to you or other family members? Peanut allergies may be a thing of the past soon. My nephew is so allergic, he begins sneezing when we enter a bar that has peanut shells scattered … Continue reading
WORTH REPEATING: we wil spek engls reil gut -  Learning English can be easy... (Published in early 2017)   Official language The European Commission has just announced that English will be the official language of the European Union. German, which was the other possibility, narrowly missed out. … Continue reading

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