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EDITORIAL: Government failing the citizenry needing the most help - Sheeple?  It's incredible how we accept and tolerate incompetent government at every level from dysfunctional municipal councils to indecisively dysfunctional provincial governments to questionably competent federal politicians gorging themselves as… Continue reading
POINT-COUNTERPOINT: “I pay exorbitant property taxes for this questionably dysfunctioning City Council?” - I watched the recent Council meeting of June 10 and the longer I watched the more uncomfortable I became. These are adults? These are professionals in their business professions? These… Continue reading
PICKERING: Waterfront shuttle service begins June 29 - This waterfront shuttle service runs WEEKENDS and STATUTORY HOLIDAYS only.   Click -->  DETAILS Continue reading
PICKERING: Cancellation of Town Hall - Life has a way of crashing down and it did for this Town Hall. Sudden emergencies to people and pets, family members and non, but almost every one of the… Continue reading
BOOKS: New release by Rick Pyves - After 5 years of researching, editing and writing I have just published my 5th book - On With The Show. This story provides insights into the great depression in Canada from 1929 -… Continue reading
PICKERING PUBLIC LIBRARY: An evening with author and globe trotter, Joyce Perrin - An engaging evening with an inspirational and motivational message about ageing in the words of author, world traveller JOYCE PERRIN. Click the link -->  PERRIN Continue reading
PICKERING: Important committees of the City of Pickering - [You should view the video about THE PARABLE OF THE BLOBS AND THE SQUARES before reading details about any committee of the City of Pickering: Click to view --> The… Continue reading
PICKERING: AGELESS Councillor Butt presents certificate to ‘Better Ageing’ guru - Ageless Councillor Shaheen Butt presents City certificate to Joyce Perrin, author and "Better ageing" guru at the Pickering Central Library event June 6th. Continue reading
Vive les dames ! - Claudia Sheinbaum, known as "la Doctora" for her academic achievements, has made history by becoming the first woman and the first Jewish person elected as President of Mexico. She won… Continue reading
PICKERING: DARS Dinner Plan - Community volunteers working for the community needy. ______ Dinners served to the homeless in Pickering. Continue reading
PICKERING: Executive Council Meeting, June 10, 2pm - Get involved from your own device... Just some of the delegations that will be speaking:   Link --> PICKERING Continue reading