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RICHARD's desk: 10 apps you need to set up your iPad - 10 apps you need to set up your iPad for producivity and efficiency. Your iPad has "screens' and the HOME screen should have the SETTINGS and APP STORE icons at the top left. PERIOD! 10 apps for your… Continue reading
RICHARD's desk: The 10 apps you need to set up your Win 10 computer - Set up your Win 10 computer so it is clean and simple! Set up your WIN 10 desktop or laptop so that it has all you need to work, write and manage you computer work really well. First,… Continue reading
RICHARD's desk: Pickering councillors who support expeditious dismantling of PNG (power) - The Pickering Nuclear Generating Plant is scheduled for closure in 2014. But the storage of contaminated spent fuel will still be a and clean up should begin immediately. The Pickering Councillors supporting expeditious clean up after the dismantling… Continue reading
AGEING: Geriatric Training - For more information: Source: Continue reading
AGEING: Elder Abuse - For more Source: Continue reading
AGEING: Age-Friendly Communities - For more information:Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide Friendly Checklist Age-Friendly Rural and Remote Communities: A Guide Source:     Continue reading
AGEISM: RTO Retired Teachers of Ontario - Since 1968, the Retired Teachers of Ontario/Les enseignantes et enseignants retraités del’Ontario (RTO/ERO) has provided excellentprograms and services in retirement forthe education community. RTO provides much valuable information for retired teachers but with the intention of helping other… Continue reading
AGEING: Questions and papers about Seniors - The Retired Teachers of Ontario recently met with representatives of the Ontario government in regard to issues relating to Seniors of the province. The issues addressed were - adult friendly communities, elder abuse and geriatric training.  To read… Continue reading
RICHARD's desk: Get computer assistance while in your jammies! - Is your computer driving you crazy? Get help without leaving home or anyone coming to your home. Phone Richard at   905 509 8666 You stay home Your computer stays there No one comes to your home Repair is… Continue reading
EDITORIALS: The Prime Minister wears a 34B bra - OK,'s the new Prime Minister of Finland we're talking about, Sanna Marin. But our point is that social media is becoming ridiculous? Social media is becoming ridiculous. Just consider this information about Sanna Marin, the youngest Prime… Continue reading
EATING BETTER: Guacamole with Pomegranate - Easy to prepare, easy on the waistline. 1                  avocado2 tbsp           chopped cilantro2 tsp             fresh lime juice1 clove         garlic, mincedDash            of salt ½ cup           pomegranate seeds Mash avocado until smooth, add in cilantro, lime juice,… Continue reading
EATING BETTER: Lighten up your menu this holiday season - Eating healthy during the holidays takes a bit of care. Holiday entertaining can be fun, yet it can also be stressful for many reasons. Trying to keep menu options healthier, while accommodating special diets and allergies can be… Continue reading
RICHARD's desk: Community: unity with diversity - "Unity with diversity" may be the philosophy of the Islamic community as demonstrated by the annual lunch hosted for Pickering community representatives. Each year the Pickering Islamic Centre hosts a lunch to which they invite a broad range… Continue reading
From NAKINA...: Dec 9 – Electric cars … shocking thoughts! - Smokin' up or chocolatin''s all legal in Canada these days. I Only Caught Mention........of ONE 'National Day of Celebration' last week on 92.9 F/M, that having been 'National Blue Jeans Day' on Thurs Dec 5th. Naturally I… Continue reading


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