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Caring for others… - Some times it's crucial to think of others first...this is that time....Click on the mask... Our thanks to Randy Filinski Continue reading
July 6 – Some like it hot! - The heat is becoming relentless, not letting up for a day. Rotzy found a solution while watering the back "40" which is less in southern ONT than in Nakina North.   Readers Write........and this one had a number… Continue reading
Chinese tiger unleashed… - China is killing freedom in Hong Kong and Canada's response is "Meh!" Read  Andrew CoyneColumnist for The Globe and Mail. Raised in Winnipeg, Mr. Coyne is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the London School of… Continue reading
Dog owners must respect properties -   Dog owners must be more responsible, all of them.   Responsible dog owners must be angered whenever they see dog doo-doo on the lawn of a property owner.  Responsible dog owners stoop and scoop their dog's waste… Continue reading
Pickering Public Library really blossoming with new CEO Flowers - Early in 2020, the Pickering Public Library received a new CEO has she is proving to be far removed from being "just any old wallflower."  First, when one of Association of Pickering Library Book Clubs reached out to… Continue reading
Short and sweet – NOTE-MAKING on your electronic device - Making a note while using your electronic device is a very important tool. Instead of working with pen and paper, which may work well for you, you can make notes electronically. There are numerous benefits to electronic note-making:… Continue reading
Operations postponed in ONT – Osteoarthritis and Exercise - If you have osteoarthritis and are waiting for a knee or hip replacement, consider this health advice from McMaster Health Sciences. Click the link:  OSTEOARTHRITIS Continue reading
Creating a Will During COVID-19: Exercise Caution ( July 1/20 ) - Estate Planning Creating a Will During COVID-19: Exercise Caution In light of COVID-19, many people have turned their minds to their estate plans. One news report indicated some Canadians have flocked to online Will-creation sites — one of which… Continue reading
Your Home Office: There May Be Tax Benefits - Adapting to the New Normal Your Home Office: There May Be Tax Benefits For many office workers, working from home became a new reality in light of the spread of COVID-19. Workers who are new to the work-from-home experience should… Continue reading
Should I Withdraw Less from My RIF in 2020? ( July 1/20 ) - Seniors: Should I Withdraw Less from My RIF in 2020? In March, the Federal Government reduced the 2020 minimum withdrawal amounts from a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RIF) by 25 percent "in recognition of volatile market conditions and their… Continue reading
Find balance with your portfolio ( July 1/20 ) - During Uncertain Times:Find balance with your portfolio. How have you reacted to the markets of late? In uncertain times, it may be tempting to take a conservative approach to help protect investments from the downside.Selling all your stocks and… Continue reading
A will is NOT enough ( July 1/20 ) - Estate Planning Reminders: The Will is NOT enough.    The health-related consequences of COVID-19 have prompted many to contemplate end-of-life planning. Many think that this means updating a Will — which is very important. Yet, ensuring your Power of… Continue reading
Maintaining a longer-term View ( July 1/20 ) - It has been said that "there are decades where nothing seems to happen and then there are weeks where decades happen." For many of us, it may have felt as though the events of a decade happened over… Continue reading