Vinay Menon, Toronto Star columnist, has written an excellent article about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Menon contends that democracy is being attacked by Trump and his right-wing supporters.

Be aware and defend against these constant attacks. Read Menon


You’ll be sicker than a dog without the flu shot. The flu season is just starting and you should get your flu shot….NOW !

Phone your doctor to get a vaccination appointment. You can also get a flu shot at Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy (Confirm that your store is providing the vaccination before going to it.
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Kudos to the Pickering Islamic Centre for its presentation of the very succcessful Seniors’ Health Fair Oct. 13. For the full story, click CENTRE


Join a book club and age better, healthier and happier.

Studies confirm the above to be true.

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We have raved about Notezilla for a while. It is an application for very serious computer users, a tool for people who work on a computer a lot. Conceptworld, the developers of the application, has given our site visitors the opportunity of to try a free extended trial period model of the program [90-day trial. ] This extended trial model is not available anywhere else. If you are a heavy user of computer devices and want to try the app, send an email request to 
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iPad Class LIST
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Learn about the candidates in your constituency. Evaluate and consider each one and vote for the one you feel will best represent you and fulfil their duties responsibly and professionally. They are dedicated people who hope to serve you properly and responsibly. Vote carefully but VOTE Oct 15 – 22, 2018

MAYOR candidates
COUNCILLOR candidates
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Final campaign messages from candidates:

VOTER INFORMATION: voting period Oct 15 – Oct 22
[This is an electronic voting election ]



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AGEISM: At our age, new aches and pains are an unfortunate fact of life and cannabis is being touted as the new pain reliever. Pot  is legal as of October 17. We have written about cannabis research for over two years …its medicinal use, its medical benefits. Your doctor may become your new pusher! Check out some our posts by using the search box on this page: “cannabis



It is impossible to keep up with the many scams that keep popping up…BEWARE!
It is important to read our SCAM-FRAUD Alert section under Technology. Though our goal is to stay as up to date as possible on the latest scams. It is an impossible task. Here is a very brief list of some of the scams of which we are aware. Read more about them at these links:

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