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When was the last time you read something positive coming from a political representative? Well, here is something to restore your faith in politicians, a politician who speaks out for her constituents risking engaging herself with powerful institutions and maybe even her own powers that be. Check out the details at
Jennifer O’Connell, a young politician with old time ethics and values.


Dining out? Was it memorable?
Give us your feedback. If we publish your review, we’ll buy you a glass of wine. [ Limited time offer and conditions apply* ]

Details at  ‘Too your health!



Elections, elections and more elections

Elections everywhere: national, provincial and municipal. We endeavour to stay on top of the election news at ELECTIONS but we urge you to do your part: VOTEIt’s your democracy; safeguard it by voting. Some elections going electronic to convenience voters. So politicians are doing everything they can. What about you?

Can they be puttn’ us on…as usual?




Apr. 11 request for policy summary to all three provincial parties with the results:

NDP has responded, See  BROCHURE.

LIBs responded after a month but then they are scrambling like crazy in this campaign.

Ford, NO RESPONSE: the leader who claims he responds to every call from every constituent.  Emails are ignored, even after 5 weeks !

We have a policy/platform summary now. See POLICY SUMMARIES


The new Pickering Public library policy focuses on  numbers rather than  people now. Sadly, our community institution is becoming more impersonal and sterile. Is that Pickering you want?

March madness in the stacks
Stacks of books but who goeth there? Book clubs. 
Read the new “Kill and fill” policy the PPL is considering at NEW REVISIONS PLAN and the response of the George Ashe Library Book Club at RESPONSE.

Health: body, mind and soul.
Though we have focus on memory and the brain, other areas of health are still very important. Visit our various categories:  HEALTH and MEMORY There is a particular guide older adults are advised to consider and examine. See CARE PLANNING.


Check out the new Wellness category to see where you might change some of your lifestyle to improve your health. Click on 8 LIFESTYLE CHANGES.



And  good planning means good documentation

The “Estate Organizer is an example of good documentation which you should consider doing as part of your later years planning. Check the details at  Estate Organizer


 From the “great Pickering Prognosticator”

Top 10 predictions for 2018

          TOP 10



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