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Registered Dietitian, Lisa Ireland, conducts Healthy Eating Tours teaching how to shop better and understand food labels.

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In loving memory, they now sing in the   HEAVENLY CHOIR

From NAKINA...: Feb. 18- Rotz' waxes nostalgic...maybe it was so, maybe it wasn't.   Readers Write.... ....all about being Canadian (*see below). And, by and large, the points listed here make nothing but sense....check 'em out. 1/ Whoever said ''Do the job… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Americans afflicted with extra appendage malady- Almost every Floridian has an extra appendage, a cell phone. As I do my morning walks, I see all kinds of people, cell phones growing out of one ear. Some have them flat in their palm as if… Continue reading
REGS & PROCEDURES: BORROWING PROCEDURES for Book Club members- Ask library staff for assistance about book club members borrowing books. The book borrowing procedure for book club members as instructed at the front desk -  copies of the book are placed in the designated area in the library… Continue reading
FOOD FIGHT: The Goals- This project has to have some GOALS. Here what I want achieve: Weight loss is first; eventually 60 lbs. More would be a dream but aren't dreams goals? A slimmer waistline. I would love to walk into a… Continue reading
FOOD FIGHT: Diet Doctor – an interesting website but it is commercialized- The website for Diet Doctor may be very interesting and enticing for those people wishing to lose weight. However, we are sceptical as the cost of the site's very basic 12 wk program is almost $900 US. The… Continue reading
ACTIVITY (Agnes): SIZE MATTERS- Agnes, our Registered Nurse, and exercise and activities coach, suggests that SCALES should be trashed. She feels dependence on scales can lead to discouragement and abandonment of the cause. Weight changes in sporadic amounts, one week you may lose a very… Continue reading
EVENTS: March 5 George Ashe Community Centre- iCloud Hard drives are a thing of the past. CD's, compact disks, history. Today's Internet manages data more efficiently, more practically and more conveniently. This SPOTLIGHT SERIES seminar will deal with this new form of data storage called iCloud.… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Cell phones in Florida- Florida cell phone use is very surprising. The poorest looking person surprises by pulling out a high-end cell phone to talk to someone. Of course, cellular phone rates are significantly lower than those in Canada and if they… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Americans live high off the hog, even the needy of Florida- People, stores, restaurants, bars, thousands of people. Lots of people but little money. The USA has more than 327 million people; Florida holds 21 million, outnumbered only by California, the most populated state and Texas, the second… Continue reading
From NAKINA...: Feb.11- Rotzy's curiosity and interest is sparked by the technology in the southern regions of Ontario.  Just Like Nakina …last Thursday afternoon around 3:45 the lites went out here at Harris Place, after an initial flicker, so for Miz.… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Joy is a bit light in southern Florida- Something is may be my own outlook. Southern Florida has the climate. It has accommodation. It has scenery. But somehow it lacks something to make it seem lively, dynamic, energetic. I know what it lacks. Walk into any… Continue reading
BRUNO's ramblings...: February sprouts urge for early spring- Ground hog becoming senile as predictions of early spring are all over the map. How many days until spring? The groundhogs can’t seem to agree, as usual. February 2nd was Groundhog Day and lots of hype was out there… Continue reading