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SENIORS: A senior’s plea for help is not the first I have heard in Ontario - This isn't the first time we have heard of seniors needing assistance in the community. It is a very sad situation to see citizens who have been responsible and conscientious residents of our province looking for help and not … Continue reading
MONEY: Looking for the PERFECT Financial Adviser for you? - Finding the perfect financial planner is not as easy as some might suggest. One must be realistic and objective when selecting one. Avoid greed or unrealistic expectations besides asking about the person's professional credentials and references. Here are … Continue reading
RICHARD's desk...: Something bothers me about the federal government’s OLD AGE PENSION payments - I collect OAS (Old Age Supplement). Luckily, I am debtless and live comfortably with the minuscule increases which I receive from Ottawa. However, I recently received an interesting message which made me think. Read the message and see if … Continue reading
SENIORS: Ageism: what it means and why you should stand up against it - Ageism: do you know what it is? Does it relate to you? Have you been a victim of it, even in a very subtle way? If you are an older adult, you need to know about ageism and … Continue reading
SENIORS: Senior drivers need to update driving skills - Are you an older driver? Are you still driving safely? Says who? The issue of "too old to drive" has been discussed for a long time and no definitive conclusions have been reached about an UNSAFE Senior driver. Rob … Continue reading
HUMOUR: Definitions of OLD - Needed to find some definitions of OLD. As I was searching, I found many interesting tidbits. Here are a few of them for you to enjoy, wine over, or simply whine about. "OLD"  #1 I very quietly confided … Continue reading
RICHARD's desk...: I’m a SENIOR - Just in case you never gave it second thought, Santa's a senior too! So am I and here are some things for which I am not responsible in today's society. Plus, here's another question for you to consider. What … Continue reading
EVA's desk...: Out on Safari…2nd in Eva’s Dark Continent series - The second instalment of Eva's explorations of the Dark Continent took her out on her first safari. Savage, wild, exciting and frightening, it was all she expected. She shot all the wild game she could, with her camera! … Continue reading
Bk Club NEWSLETTER: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry - Good romantic reads are hard to find. A.J. Fikry is a find. Here's a book which will warm your heart, nod your head with approval, shake it with disapproval and more... Read it and enjoy.   A local … Continue reading
SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Protect your privacy; avoid frauds and scams - Frauds and scams are growing in number. Fraudsters and scam artists are becoming better and better at their work. Adapt yourself suitably; protect your privacy. Read the 10 tips for protecting your privacy and practice them to safeguard … Continue reading
DEMO's desk...: Demo advises in a number of areas… - Demo D., Vice President, TD Financial, has a number of areas of financial advice. Savings considerations relating to Aging Parents, Longevity, RESP, and Personal Income Tax. Click on the links provided below to access the specific area of … Continue reading
HEALTH: How to Remove Your Skin Tags Safely - They seem harmless, but there's a very good reason you shouldn't ignore them. As you get older, little growths called skin tags might start popping up on your body. You’ll recognize them because they’re thinner at the base … Continue reading


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