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The SALVATION ARMY launches its kettle donations in malls at this time of the year.

Give as generously as you can. There are many people still needing help and assistance.


The City of Pickering is committed to developing its first ever Age Friendly Community Plan.



Can we help? Need help with something? Finding a service? Solving an issue? Maybe we can find a phone number for you, a live person to calll? Let us know if we can help. Click HELP.
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Meet our newest contributor,

Lisa Ireland

a professional registered dietitian whose columns will help you
improve your health, your diet and your eating habits.


Visit our COMMUNITY BOARD to see the notices of all the great events going on in Pickering as we begin our celebrations of the season.


Fermo made us do it…we got our shots, flu shots that is. Get yours! Don’t infect around you!
Phone your doctor. Get vaccinated. Even some local pharmacies do it (Phone them to confirm they do it.) Read more at FLU 

Seniors get  SUPER FLU SHOTS . It is covered by OHIP.


Throw out the viagra, toss the vitamin pills, ditch the protein powder and throw away the probiotics. Pickering Book Clubs are your way to better ageing, being healthier and happier. Join one of the BIG FOUR and see what happens. You’ll be positively surprised.

For details about joining one of them, click CLUBS


__Windows 10      
What…you don’t use sticky notes!!! You might be the only one.  They are useful computer tool and you don’t have to be a computer geek to use them. Just click the WINDOWS key and type “sticky notes”….then follow the prompts. They don’t hold a candle to
NOTEZILLA notes. Try them for real power! Email 

Compliments create comfort;
complaining relieves stress.
Let’s help each other. Tell us your Kudos, give us your complaints about your retail experiences. The GOOD, the BAD, and especially, the UGLY.
Everybody learns from YOU. Send to

Please, please, please….be aware. We can’t keep up. Read our SCAMS, FRAUDS and ALERTS section under Technology.
Don’t trust anyone anymore. Even the CANADIAN govt. steals your private information. See STATSCAN 


He’s coming…

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In loving memory, they now sing in the   HEAVENLY CHOIR



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The latest 14 posts:

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