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February gets us closer!

Chocolates are nice. Flowers kick it up a notch. But a special card with your heartfelt words tops it all. Time to show your feelings to your significant other.

For chocolates, we found Williams Chocolates in Whitby well worth the drive. Check them out at WILLIAMS CHOCOLATES

“Loneliness” has been medically corroborated as being harmful to your health in many ways. Read more at LONELY


The Great Escape
Lucky enough to get away? Slather on the lotion, adjust the straw for easier sippin’ but remember your personal safety and your home security.  The house may be empty but it should not be forgotten. Prepare your home for when you’re away

Home ALONE ?
Don’t leave home alone. Prepare your home for your absence

No sexual harassment with this assistant!
We cannot sing the praises of Notezilla enough, electronic sticky notes help you work better and smarter. Free to try,
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They are professional and they’ll beat ya if you engage in a verbal battle with them…personal identity thieves. Read how you can win that battle of the THIEVES

And  family
“Estate Organizer:” Helped us beyond description when our mother-in-law passed away. Best investment ever. You owe it to your family, so check out the details at
 Estate Organizer

My family doctor
It’s hard to love my family doctor.



Beat February blahs…have some fun…go to the library and

______talk out loud !


Bundle up, January’s gone but ya still still gotta  clear snow, be careful.





 From the
great Pickering Prognosticator”

Top 10 predictions for 2018  TOP 10



They sing with the angels  now!


Chester 1954 – 2018








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