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AGEING: Health Canada Recall  Health Canada Recalls *Blood Pressure Medications Recalled Because of Contamination with Potential Carcinogen* Read more at HEALTH CANADA RECALL


Book clubs are a great way to get out, meet new people and get engaged socially. Pickering offers residents numerous clubs to consider.
Book clubs in Pickering:  BOOK CLUBS


Pickering Public Library: guilty of murder or sexism?
Only ONE man left in all 
FIVE PPL Book Clubs and his days are numbered if the library’s new direction goes as planned. This man will be eliminated as a member of an official PPL book club when these clubs are eliminated as they currently stand in mid-2019. Is the PPL’s new policy throwing the current book clubs under the bus? And is the PPL being sexist with this one man? Read more at LIBRARY HAPPENINGS


Seniors and Disabled can apply for assistance with snow removal as of the last week of August 2018
Application deadlines October 12, 2018
[ Applicable fee and a limited number of applicants. ] Application details at  SNOW
Reminder from City Councillor Shaheen Butt

Cheating your family with your WILL? 

You made a will with its ‘end of life’ plans, but have you given
your family a roadmap for getting there?
“Estate Organizer is that roadmap, a document which will
benefit your family when they most need assistance. 

Check out the details at  Estate Organizer and really help your family.


AGEING:  More and more of our site visitors are facing new issues and challenges relating to AGE. Our site has responded with a new category to the site. Explore it as we update information and news there.

Here’s an example of AGEISM. Don’t know what it is? You should if you are over 55 because it affects you more often than you think.

I wanted to adopt a new puppy but guess what….I’m too old. Read on at  OLD

Health: body, mind and soul.
Over 55? Explore our categories:

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Our artist in residence as a story behind her. Read it at JUTTA

R Ebb and flow Framed canvas, 11 X 15, $125

Our artist in residence is Jutta Van Huss.



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The HEADER no longer has a dedication to the memory of Nonna, Zia Irma, and cousin Chester. Nevertheless, these family members and friends of the family are remembered and their memory is cherished. To learn a little more about the three sisters, CLICK on Three SISTERS and a BROTHER Zia Carla, at 90+, soldiers on in Italy.

They sing with the angels now!

Nonna Emma


Zia Irma






Anne Marie             Irene