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Any way you say it, it does get attention. It’s a new category with posts of information, commentary and opinions for the benefit of our site visitors but not just those 55+.


Christmas EMERGENCY Phones 
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______________________Thanks to Councillor Shaheen Butt

An excellent website for all things medical, from symptoms to medications. Click WEB MD


He’s checking:  team, sleigh and naughty/nice lists!

Days to launch…

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Pickering corporation adds Christmas cheer to the City of Pickering.

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Christmas sites for all kids:

NORAD_______________________just for kids
CHRISTMAS CULTURES ____older “kids”… International

just for the kids

Click the site, pour an eggnog, put on some Christmas music and enjoy as the kids play.

SALVATION ARMY  kettles in malls.

Give as generously as you can for the many people needing help.


New category:  BEAUTY, added to the AGEING section.

As we are closer to the ‘beast‘ than to the ‘beauty,’ we confess all posts to BEAUTY will definitely be based on research, not first-hand knowledge.

Check out Ageless HAIRSTYLES


Our newest contributor, Lisa Ireland, a professional registered dietitian writes about improving your health, better dieting and eating habits.



Fermo says, “I’m vaccinated. How about you?”

Get your flu shot. For others’ sake.

Phone your doctor. Get vaccinated. Even some local pharmacies do it (Phone them to confirm.) Read more at FLU 

Seniors get  SUPER FLU SHOTS . It is covered by OHIP.


_______Just FUN !

‘Radio Garden’  a site for those whose roots are elsewhere. If you’re from elsewhere, return “home” for a bit with sounds from the ‘home.’ Enjoy radio from your country of origin anywhere on the globe. An amazing app, easy to use and great fun. It’ll warm your heart hearing homeland music at this special time of the year.


In loving memory, they now sing in the   HEAVENLY CHOIR



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