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AGEISM: If you are over 55, you should know AGEISM is affects
you more often than you think. Can you believe I am too
old to adopt a puppy. Read more at  OLD 

Our site has responded to the increasing interest our visitors are showing in  AGEStudies show ageing well depends on attitude, as much as other factors. Read more at BETTER AGEING


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Editorial: Be aware of your ACCOUNTS

The CIBC bank recently did a senior in by deactivating his bank account. Check your accounts…maybe review all your banking information.

Read more about this at  CIBC


Numerous studies indicate that volunteering benefits your health.
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Seniors and Disabled assistance with snow removal. Application deadlines Oct. 12, 2018 [Applicable fee and a limited number of applicants.] Details at  SNOW
            Reminder from City Councillor Shaheen Butt


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EVENTS: Paint night fundraiser - Animals in Pickering and the region need your support. This fundraiser helps them. So consider giving them the assistance they could never find on their own.
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PICKERING ELECTIONS: ASHE, Kevin – campaigning for Regional Councillor - Kevin ASHE, a veteran who works as hard as a rookie. Has accomplished much, wants to do much more. "Kevin was a strong advocate for the Durham Live proposal. This project will generate thousands of well-paying jobs and … Continue reading
PICKERING ELECTIONS: Musa MANSUAR, Ward 1 regional councillor candidate whose youth belies his maturity - Musa MANSUAR, regional councillor for Ward 1, 'age beyond his youth.' A political participant as Legislative Aide to Liberal MP Jennifer O'Connell, this young man shows promise and an examination of his proposal confirms that he deserves serious … Continue reading
GOOD EATS: Bistro 67 – Durham College managed dining - Fine dining restaurant operated by Durham College. More sizzle, less steak...pretentious and presumptuous, but a near miss. Reservations are a must on weekends as the potential patrons have the belief that they can fine dine a less than … Continue reading