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CHOKE, STUART WOODS - CHOKE, Stuart Woods A grabber of a murder mystery that will engage every reader.   SynopsisChuck Chandler has choked on more than one occasion--first as a pro tennis player at Wimbledon, then as a womanizing coach at posh… Continue reading
Managing Osteoarthritis conditions with weight and exercise - Osteroarthritis pain can seriously impact one's life, from incapacitation to much discomfort in day to day living.  Persons suffering osteroarthritis may find exercise and weight reduction may benefit them in reducing their pain and suffering. [ Before undertaking… Continue reading
TRACE ELEMENT, Donna Leon - Another in her series of Commissario Guido Brunetti sleuthing stories set in the Venetian environs....age takes the edge of every one of us, older writers as well. SynopsisWhen Dottoressa Donato calls the Questura to report that a dying… Continue reading
Oct 19 – Mooses, masks and an orange monster - Mooses are the game up north, masks are the same in the south, and in the deeper south, it's an orange coloured monster...a very loose paraphrasing of Rotzy. I Know Not How Nor Why........I failed to make mention… Continue reading
COVID’s giving me lots of time to think… - As I was sitting at home, trying to be safe from exposure to COVID. I began thinking about living in Canada. Here are some of my thoughts about my being a Canadian.   I am in the minority… Continue reading
7 foods that may help you feel better if you have arthritis - Feeling pains in your joints, your knuckles, your knees? Visit your doctor and discuss if arthritis may be the affliction. The pain of arthritis can be alleviated and you may even feel better by changing your diet. You… Continue reading
Oct 12 – Lockdown can go only 4 ways… - Vigilance, virtually, victory and vultures...Rotzy's mid-fall ranting continues unabated. His rant, a gem, his griping, rich, his Lockdown comment, PRICELSS. 'This Is IT''!........I said to my parking neighbour Fred (not his real name) last Sat aft, in response… Continue reading
Power Fruit Breakfast Crumble - No need to thaw the fruit for this delectable breakfast crumble. Knock it together as soon as you get up and shower and dress while it bakes for a delicious hot breakfast even the kids will appreciate.  … Continue reading
World Mental Health Day, Oct 10 - Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day. How are you doing? Mental health problems have a gamut of maladies ranging from depression, extreme anxiety, and unresolved fears. These problems can lead to secondary problems if left untreated or… Continue reading
Munich observations during the pandemic - Ginger Kuenzel returned to Germany recently for family matters. Her observations of Germany during the pandemic reveal the vast differences between Americans and Germans in political views, social thinking and attitudes about living.   Munich was my home… Continue reading
Be the Awesome Man, Dennis Gazarek - A book for all ages, maybe even more so today because of our extensive reliance on technology, electronics and the Internet for solutions to problems. Be the Awesome Man: A Man's Guide to Achieving Discipline, Success, and HappinessDennis… Continue reading
The world is bleak, no argument. - Umair Haque, a journalist for Medium digest, writes an apocalyptic summary of our current world. It is an absolute must-read, a wake-up call to Westerners. Our society is populated by too many people who are selfish, self-centred, self-concerned,… Continue reading
Oct 5 – “Nuts” all over the place - Rotzy's back...to his best once again, lively, funny, but very pointed and poignant. He's back in top form. So his column is a must read! They're All Over The Place........these days down here in the banana belt, especially… Continue reading
The end of year is quickly approaching: Year-End Financial Checklist - It's only autumn, but this may be a great time to be thinking about your financial affairs in preparation for the year end. December 31 is the deadline for many tax and pension-related activities. Consider the opportunities to… Continue reading