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Workshop: Chronic inflammation

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City Leisure Guide:  “Aging Well Together” Winter edition





AGEING: Live in your own home longer - Live in your own home longer in your later years by adapting it for your own safety and navigation. Adapting your home to age in place McMaster University 6-7 mins The Bottom Line Many older adults are eligible… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Johnny Cash lives with Ross singing -   Ross loves to sing. He doesn't play guiter, no keyboard, no harmonica....just his baritone voice barreling deep resonant melodies mostly from the C&W genre. He crosses over to rock on occasion but he prefers country with favourites… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Bonnie Hays channels Bonnie Raitt - As I was entering the Englewood Art Center, a woman was enjoying what I thought was a smoke break outside. Bonnie Hays is more au courant than I assumed. She wasn't smoking. She was vaping. Still, I teased… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Hooper on harmonica - Doug Hooper, American harmonica afficionato, primo player, fat cat! Doug has been puffin' out rifs and melodies on the harmonica for years. Blues, jazz, rock, C&W...his repertoire is lengthy, varied and very enjoyable. He covers the gamut of… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Venice Italian festival, a swing and a miss… - We read about this event in the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce publication. We were looking forward to attending. According to the publication this four-day event in Florida, February 20-24, coincides with the dates of the eponymous carnival… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Fermo…$500 FINE…evaded - $500 fine....eeeyikes! So Fermo's walking along the shore, dipping his toes in the Gulf of Mexico waters, not a care in the world, when 2 women approach us with some heated words. One reprimands and scolds us both,… Continue reading
From NAKINA...: Feb 24 – a sushi platter of news items - Readers Write   And I am compelled to say this one was/is a dandy.....perhaps a little 'odd' sense of humour. But it works for me so check it out* "Along with my will, I have included the following instructions… Continue reading
JUST MY OPINION...: The Art of Doing Nothing - I heard a very interesting interview about the Dutch concept of doing nothing. It’s called niksen. My full attention was immediate, as I thought I know about this concept quite well. I am sure I do it often… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Old…knick knacks, antiques, furniture pieces…and people, too - Try as one might, there's just no getting away from the man. So one morning on one of our daily walks with the 'Big Guy,' Fermo, we met up with some 'locals' doing their morning constitutional too. Rita… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – Champions and runners up…rats! - We are simply too competitive. Some people would be very pleased with with 2nd, not so much. Thursday night, 'TRIVIAL PURSUIT' night at Beef O Brady, a franchise sports bar franchised throughout southwest Florida. Great night, good… Continue reading
HEALTHY: 9 superfoods that can add years to your life - Want to live longer? Eat these superfoods to add significantly more time to your life, and stay healthier in your golden years. These superfoods are proven to fight disease, promote cardiovascular health, potentially adding years to your life.… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: 2020 – The blush keeps getting surprisingly rosier - You have to ask. You have to talk to people. If you ask, you shall receive. Americans may seem to be among the most brash people in the world. Say something with a hint of criticism of their… Continue reading
EDITORIALS: Wasting taxpayers’ money… - We do not want to become endless critics, complainers and whiners but once again, government does something which would cost them their job in the real world. For some reason, Ontario motor vehicle license plates were inadequate. Perhaps… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Spring training means spring time ! - You know spring has arrived when the pro sport baseball teams open their spring training camps. And they have.  The Toronto Blue Jays train in Dunedin, Fl where they are nearing completion of a new spring training baseball… Continue reading