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PICKERING politicians we can support…  Politicians who support constructive community endeavours and community activists deserve voter support in return. All the campaigners in Elections Pickering were asked for a small donation to help this project… … Continue reading 

Assess - What an interesting evening! A comment about the event presented by the Muslim Community of the Islamic Centre, Brock Road… This is praise and criticism wrapped up in one commentary.… Continue reading
TOWN HALLS - TOWN HALLS are important to the campaign. Voters hear the candidates and learn about platforms, policies and promises. MAYOR candidates Oct. 5, 7:30-9am Deer Creek Golf & Country Club Tickets… Continue reading
EDITORIAL: Lisa LAFLAMME screwed by Bell Media, without even an air kiss ! - We aren't watching CTV Nightly News anymore. Would you consider the same boycott? We don't know the whole story and we likely won't just like we won't hear the real… Continue reading
Aug 15 – Miz. Jo health report: chaos and confusion - Ya'd think really old people were running the medical services at BGH (Brantford General) given the chaos and confusion that reigns supreme over there. [Just takin' the stereotypical view most… Continue reading
BUTT: a message to voters, councillor candidate, WARD 3 - Hello Ward 3 constituents, Pickering is home to my wife Ishrat and I and our three children, two of which have started their own families right here in Pickering. We… Continue reading
FITNESS FOR YOUR AGING BRAIN - FITNESS FOR YOUR AGING BRAIN You only have one brain; make it last a lifetime! Based on the latest scientific research, Fitness for Your Aging Brain is a physical activity… Continue reading
Protected: UPDATES - "all in one place" messaging for all candidates, updated regularly and listed chronologically. Updated  8/19/22 Candidates: “Empathy,” “and respect”…two crucial personality traits in a candidate and more importantly, a civil… Continue reading
NATURAL PAIN RELIEVERS - 5 Surprising Natural Pain Relievers Though these pain relief suggestions may be safe, it is always better to consult with your doctor before using such suggestions. 5 Surprising Natural Pain… Continue reading
A3 CUNNINGHAM on SCHOOL BOARD ISSUES - DURHAM PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD From Candidate Emma Cunningham: There are many issues that must be dealt with by the DURHAM PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD, and in my opinion, the three biggest… Continue reading
BRENNER distinguishes between REGIONAL COUNCILLOR vs. CITY COUNCILLOR - There is some confusion as to the difference between a REGIONAL COUNCILLOR vs CITY COUNCILLOR. Maurice Brenner has been elected CITY COUNCILLOR a number of times. This time he is… Continue reading