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GALS Book Club
Escape the tension and anxiety of the COVID-19 world with books and by joining a book club.

As libraries work in restricted and regulated ways these days, ZOOM meetings are our safest and most sound ways to interact socially. Book clubs use the virtual process for member interaction also until libraries resume normal operations. Click  GALS

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Canada’s banks are not on your side - One would think banks would be trustworthy and dependable managers of your money. Two recent news confirm the very opposite. Banks do not have your interests as their first concern or priority. Two cases in Ontario should be… Continue reading
7 simple ways to healthier living - Healthier living is easier to do than you think. Consider these suggestions as your steps to healthier living. You may already be doing some of them but read over the list to see what modifications could improve your… Continue reading
Nov 30 – Covid, covid, covid - Even Rotzy can't avoid saying, "Covid, covid, covid." COVID's Seven Worst/Seven Best    Got an email here at "F/N"HQ last mid-week that went beyond 'interesting', because I was totally unaware of the facts, and I wonder how many of… Continue reading
New viruses discovered… - We thought you would want to know about these new viruses. Even the most advanced computer programs from Norton, McAfee, and others cannot take deal with these new ones. They appear to target those who were born prior… Continue reading
The Grinch will not steal Christmas - In these challenging times, I consider the Grinch, COVID. How will Christmas celebrations look like this year, amid a pandemic? I am thinking of our two adult sons, who love everything about Christmas, and our three young grandchildren,… Continue reading
WIN 10 students…. - Two seniors just completed the 6 lesson WIN 10 course... I am very excited about how well two seniors did when they participated in my 6 lesson WIN 10 course. Eleanor and Bruce are both seniors, in their… Continue reading
- T’was a Month Before Christmas 2020 T’was a month before Christmas,And all through the town,People wore masks,That covered their frown. The frown had begunWay back in the Spring,When a global pandemicChanged everything. They called it Corona,But unlike the… Continue reading
Is typing a problem for you? - Is using the keyboard, typing, a problem for you? Slow? Difficult for you physically? Then, use the dictation feature in WIN 10 Your cursor must be within the field of whatever app you are going to type in.… Continue reading
Nov 23 – Frosty the snowman in disguise - The newly arrived frost has made more than just the ground frosty as we can see from looking at Rotzy. The curmudgeon is as frosty as a snowman in his commentary... A Follow-Up........on last week's "Scouting Mission" item… Continue reading
Are your days of driving coming to a stop ? - Driving a car is the epitome of independence for older people. However, at some point this independence becomes a serious risk. Read the CAA Canadian Automobile Association's very informative article about aged drivers [ Winter issue Flipbook ... pg. 18… Continue reading
Any magazine that puts a dog up front has to be good… -         Curious Guide.ca Fermo, the resident Scottie, brought this to our attention. Here's an interesting little magazine that came across our desk. It seems to be regional dealing with Southern Ontario primarily. Why you might… Continue reading
Digital tools will help you age optimally - You may not be able to do all that you would like to do during these COVID pandemic times, but you should consider that there are many things that can still be done, although some modification may be… Continue reading
GALS Book Club invites you… - GALS Book Club invites you. Do you like to read? Enjoy lively discussion and exchanges of opinion about what you have read? Then, GALS Book Club is for you. And men are invited to join too ! meet… Continue reading
Today I am grateful for…. - Being thankful may put a bit more sparkle into your life. In these very trying times, we all could use a little more sparkle. Give these grateful considerations some thought…and maybe even use some….give it a try. Continue reading