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A Different Drummer…a bookstore with a different beat - Book stores are the instruments that play the symphonies of BOOKS. They are the lifeblood of authors. We need to support them in their concerts of literary symphonies.  A  DIFFERENT DRUMMER performs its work in Burlington, Ontario. Our… Continue reading
Aug 10 – RAGES: Road, pc, Leafs - Crashes, crunches and 'the finger'...Road Rage Stuff....Rotzy's had a few bumps in the road and hopes the road ahead flattens and smooths out a bit from now on....or to be more correct/accurate, 'parking lot rage'....and NASTY!....last Thursday ayem… Continue reading
A TIME TO KILL, John Grisham - Engaging, entertaining and much more. This book is a pleasure to read on all counts. The narrative is polished prose at its finest, eliciting emotions and feelings from the reader with the turn of every page. SynopsisThe life… Continue reading
Services guide FALL 2020 – City of Pickering - The City Services & Leisure Guide FALL 2020 offered by the City of Pickering is now available.   Continue reading
The journey back home through America… - After spending the winter in Mexico before the COVID pandemic hit everywhere, the time came to head back home...home to the scenic beauty of our state and encountering the welcoming of our fellow citizens...but then the reality of… Continue reading
Pandemic casualties in Canadian retail - Retail businesses are suffering mortal wounds during the pandemic. If you have gift cards from any of the retailers below, use them immediately as they may lose commercial validity imminently. Closures in 2020, CANADIAN and AMERICAN: Victoria’s Secret… Continue reading
Notes from Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC doctor in charge of its COVID-19 TASK FORCE - Dr. Bonnie Henry is the doctor in charge of British Columbia's COVID-19 Task Force. She offers medical words of wisdom relating to the coronavirus. Dr. Bonnie says the situation in BC and Canada is far better than the… Continue reading
How to promote brain health - McMaster University has a department devoted to promoting better ageing. The McMaster web page offers site visitors valuable information regarding the ageing and ways to promote brain health. The McMaster University link  "How to promote brain health"  is… Continue reading
COVID is killing us in more ways than one thinks - The pandemic is killing us in more ways than we think. Grocery costsAs more and more workers book off sick, production slows at grocery providers, distributors and suppliers. As production drops off, sales decreases follow and profits decline.… Continue reading
Even dogs have more common sense - Fermo howls that even dogs have more common sense than some people Continue reading
Free Programs in the park - City-sponsored FREE PROGRAMS in the park   Continue reading
Final notification: Meet author Cheryl Bristow - Here's your chance to engage with a Canadian author in person, to learn how she writes, how she works and how she developed her greatest work, A Shield in the Shadows.   Meet Cheryl Bristow and ask her… Continue reading