The newest Raptor hits the boards
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Toronto Raptors
starting Center, 2039

Luca Maiolo








Launch date: Tuesday, Jan. 22

Weight management has been a lifelong challenge and difficulty for us. One never gives up with this struggle and so we are about to launch another assault on the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ once again. With some professional help this time, we are tackling the problem again to start a new living regimen. A change in eating habits, a determination to begin a moderate exercise program. We have two site associates, Lisa Ireland, site dietitian and Agnes Scott, certified seniors fitness trainer and practicing geriatric RN who will be acting as coaches, advisors, and motivators during the program. Launch date is Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Visit our site to watch the progress over the next couple of months.






We’ve helped other 
older adults find jobs.

Grey Quills is an association of writers, adults 55+, regularly contributing to assisting and informing seniors visiting ‘Cookz, Bookz, and Nookz.’ Each of these dynamic seniors is a dedicated and actively involved working for their community and beyond doing volunteer work ranging from helping kids in needy schools to engineering projects providing clean drinking water in third world countries.

REG is our newest Grey Quill. He a passionate Canadian who snowbirds to Lake Chapala, Mexico each winter. Read his column at In REG’S view

Read their stories. Eva H. is one of these writers. A retired teacher, Eva responded to the siren call of needy children in the Dominican Republic. To read about her work:  Class

Reg R. and Todd S. are Canadian and American engineers respectively but there their shared attributes stop. Reg is passionate about Canadian values and how the USA deviates from them; Todd as passionately disagrees feeling Americans are misread, misunderstand and misinterpreted. The duo’s conflicting opinions are entertaining and enlightening. See Reg’s latest at GUNS


Our registered dietitian, Lisa Ireland, advises eating mindfully during the festive season.




Fermo says, “I got vaccinated. How about you?”

Phone your doctor. Even some pharmacies do it.
Read more at FLU 
Seniors get  SUPER FLU SHOTS . It is covered by OHIP.


In loving memory, they now sing in the   HEAVENLY CHOIR

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