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FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: An open letter to Dir. Kelvin Watson, Broward Public Library, Florida- An open letter to Kelvin Watson, Director, Broward County Public Library Dear Sir, I am very disappointed with what happened at one of your library branches…a sad example of a public institution failing to serve the public in… Continue reading
EVENTS: DURHAM REGION TRANSIT TRAINING- Spotlight Series: Durham Region Transit Training Wed, Mar. 27,  1:30 pm George Ashe Community Centre Continue reading
RICHARD reads & reviews: BAD MONKEY, Carl Hiassen- Our villain was really attached to his watch. His arm, not so much. Neither one... Synopsis Andrew Yancy--late of the Miami Police, soon-to-be-late of the Key West Police--has a human arm in his freezer. There's a logical (Hiaasenian)… Continue reading
EAT RIGHT, LIVE BETTER..: Unlock your FOOD POTENTIAL for better health- Nutrition month: Eat better, Be healthier. Do you ever feel lost in the aisles of a grocery store and wish someone were around to help you read labels? Struggle to make meals that the whole family will enjoy… Continue reading
PROGRESS LOG: Mar. 19 ( Day 57 ) Time for re-evalutation and reset- It's not going as well as I expected. 57 days later I expected pants to fall off, shirts to be baggy...no such luck. Time to re-evaluate and reset not give up and reject. Some right, some wrong OK… Continue reading
From NAKINA...: Mar. 18- Spring in the step aint cuz of weather, but pain from molars and a wisdom tooth. Readers Write And this particular threesome reports in quite regularly with temperatures, info updates, and cetera from south of the Mason Dixon… Continue reading
PROGRESS LOG: Mar. 18 ( Day 56 )- Frustration and discouragement- Frustration... Frustration as the progress does not seem to be going as well as I had hoped; time to re-evaluate and reset rather than give up. I have hit a wall again. The progress seems to have stopped.… Continue reading
EVENTS: Hall rental: Claremont Lion’s club- HALL RENTAL CLAREMONT LIONS CLUB For more HALL RENTAL INFORMATION Phone:  905 649 2021 Email:  clchallrental@gmail.com Continue reading
REG amuses...: Cross Irish nun- Angry Irish nun... A car full of Irish nuns is sitting at a traffic light in downtown Dublin when a bunch of rowdy drunks pull up alongside them. "Hey, show us yer teats, ya bloody penguins." shouts one… Continue reading
FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Surveillance, security and wheel locks- Paranoia or vulnerability? Older adults are justifiably afraid of many things from falls to muggings. But of course, because of their age and physical decline, it is a legitimate fear. Florida is no exception to the paranoia which… Continue reading
AGEING: What’s the hardest part about getting older that no one ever talks about?- Most older people actually do talk about the hardest parts, along with saddest parts, the scariest parts, the embarrassing parts, and even the funniest parts. But maybe not to everyone.One senior who answered the question wrote a response… Continue reading
TECHNOLOGY: Notezilla, a must have application if you do serious computer work- Win 10 has STICKIES built in and it is free. However, serious computer users need better tools to help them stay organized, remember all they need to and to create useful todo lists. The application they need is… Continue reading
RICHARD reads & reviews: RAZOR GIRL, Carl Hiassen- Hilarious crime fiction, Mickey Spillane channels Jerry Seinfeld. Synopsis Merry Mansfield, the eponymous Razor Girl, specializes in kidnapping for the mob. Her preferred method is rear-ending her targets and asking them for a ride. Her latest mark is… Continue reading
REG amuses...: Irish lad’s first baby- Irish first born... Slaney phoned the maternity ward at the hospital. 'Quick!' he said. 'Send an ambulance, my wife is goin' to have a baby!' 'Tell me, is this her first baby?' the intern asked. 'No, this is… Continue reading