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Just some of the topics in the website:

Jutta Van Huss in her studio!
Meet the new resident artist who paints the creative art pieces displayed on our front page. We are very fortunate that she has allowed us to display her work on our front page each month and we look forward to showing you many more of your great works.

Read more about Jutta Van Huss at ARTIST.

Spring Ahead !
Just a reminder that some of your clocks need resetting for Daylight Saving Time. Likely the stove, the bedside alarm and any others that are not Internet linked. And remember, its ‘forward.’ So you lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of sunshine !

Elections, elections, elections
Elections everywhere: provincial, municipal and then federal. Swamped? Stay with it, get interested, pick apart the political rhetoric, the campaign promises, the “pie in the sky” claims. Visit POLITICS our new category as we try to keep up with politics in Canada. Visit often as Canada’s political world unfold in ever changing and interesting ways and be thankful, no more Prez Turnip news.

: we cannot stop touting these electronic sticky notes. [ Full disclosure: we receive nothing from the company ] but we really cannot sing the praises of their product enough. Try it for a month free; you’ll be hooked. This discount code saves you 30%:
[ code: CW-30-SS751 ]. The link is:  NOTEZILLA

Thought we got hit again but turned out to be the Cancer Society. Some charities use a central hub for fund collection and if you donate, the donation recipient may display as a phone number on your credit card statement, “888 955 5455”
A Google search may indicate it as a scam. It is not.
[ TIP: record your credit card purchases to help you resolve your credit card statements. ] Arm yourself against computer attack / phone fraud by learning more. Read how you can win that battle of  the  THIEVES and learn more about   SCAMS and FRAUD

And  family
“Estate Organizer:” This document turned out to be all that was promised when Nonna passed away. All the contacts’ names, the phone numbers, the email addresses and even the land mail addresses…all close at hand and ready for use. We have to hunt for a thing and we know nothing was missed the preparation was well done and complete long before. Check the details at  Estate Organizer

March madness in the stacks…books books books…stacks of them but who goeth there?
Read about the new “Kill and fill” policy the PPL is considering for implementation into library policy. Read on folks, while you can at NEW REVISIONS PLAN

 Our site writers chronicle posts from everywhere, Florida, Mexico, Nakina, Scarborough and Pickering even. These great people are all over watching, observing and writing about what they see. Check ’em out at OUR SITE WRITERS


Health concerns body, mind and soul. Though we concentrated on memory and the brain, other areas of health are still important considerations. So be sure to visit the various categories:  “HEALTH” and MEMORY 

* The painting on our frontispiece is an example of the creativity strategy for improving memory and brain. See Strategy #10.


And now the tomorrow’s weather forecast:

( oops, that’s weather for Santiago de Cuba, sorry! )


 From the
great Pickering Prognosticator”

Top 10 predictions for 2018  TOP 10



They sing with the angels  now!


Chester 1954 – 2018








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ERMA's desk...: - We ought to be our own meteorologists with the extreme variations in our weather and in the seasons which we are getting. "Wake up today and look outside and then declare the season!" seems to be Erma's message … Continue reading


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