Ever pull your hair out trying to find something on your computer, a file, a document, even a photo but you cannot remember its exact name. Then, you need the help of a very powerful search tool.

There are three great search applications available to you. Two are free, WIN 10 and EVERYTHING and one not but capable of doing much more than the average computer user needs, RECENTx.

Free, ambitiously named, this little application will find your file, document, or photo almost instantly. Just type in a reasonable approximation of the title you remember and let the application do its search. Within seconds, Everything listS every computer file using a variation of the approximate title you typed.

Incredibly fast, surprisingly comprehensive and its free. This free program is awesome. And it’s free.

Download the version and choose the program installer you need from the site listed below:

The download site is

Users with greater needs, searching for files, folders and even programs, should consider buying RecentX. Amazingly powerful search program beyond the average user’s needs. At $30, it is expensive but of great value to power users.

RecentX goes beyond the needs of the average user, taking searches to the next level and beyond, finding folders,
programs and doing much more.

RecentX can be downloaded from

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