Above and below the ground

COOK HEALTHY: Above and below the ground

I hate my family doctor. He’s healthier than I am. He’s trimmer and slimmer than I am. He never prescribes pharmaceuticals if there’s a natural alternative. He’s calm, cool, organized and super efficient. He enhances his practice with technology. He meditates and prescribes mindful meditation as a real benefit to improving how one lives.

The latest from Doc W.
Dr. W., my family doctor, can never be accused of being the local drug dealer. The last thing he does is prescribe any pill when and if there is a natural way to improve one’s health. I am sure the pharmaceutical companies are knocking on his office door to remind him that his low prescription writing is affecting their profit line and their bonus increments.

No matter, Dr. W. slogs on. Exercise Richard, even if it’s just 15 mins a day, get up off the couch and get out there. Walk the dog, but briskly. Put a little oomph into the pace and do it as a business routine, meaning Monday to Friday. Himself, Dr. W. hits the treadmill 30 minutes a day. He adds weights to his routine, not lots but enough that there is some impact on his upper body muscles.

Above and below the ground
Dr. W. must be tiring of my whining about my constant battle with weight, a losing one, the battle that is, not the weight.

This past week when seeing him for a flu issue, for which I got no prescription. His advice, lots of hot tea, maybe some chicken soup/broth and bed rest. However, do get out for a walk when the day’s temp peaks. Then, as I reverted to my battle cry, he said the solution was actually long term and very slow but guaranteed effective.

He told me to eat freely anything that comes from above the ground and eschew, reduce and desist eating anything which comes from below. Carrots, which I love? Below ground, don’t eat. Potatoes, after all I am Polish? Fuggedaboutit!!

OK doc…I get it. If it grows above ground, chomp away. A corollary he said, a ‘swimmer’ or a ‘flyer’ is better than a ‘walker.’ So it’s better to eat fish or fowl than it is to eat beef or pork. Broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, asparagus…all ‘abovers,’ go for ’em. Potatoes, carrots, turnips, leave ’em in the ground. Now remember, Dr. W. is practical, a reasonable man. He underlines that though he discourages foods from below, he doesn’t forbid them totally. He underlines that moderation is more the key than complete elimination. But balance it with daily exercise. DAILY!

Full disclosure: D.J. Trump is borderline obese at 6′ 3″. Hate to admit it, I am beyond the line and 5″ shorter. So the life style’s gotta change, TODAY !

Keep posted.

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