Sometimes longevity advice can be totally off the wall

Recently, I received some suggestions relating to better ageing from a well-known magazine for older adults. One tip it offered was clearly off the wall. I challenge anyone to be able to to do it, regardless of age.

Sit down on the floor. Then get up without using your hands.
A test of how well you stand up from sitting may help pinpoint just how long you’ll live. The Sitting-Rising test is a simple evaluation tool developed by a doctor in Brazil. From a standing position, you’re required to sit on the floor and then get to your feet again, as hands-free as possible. If you do need support—if you find it necessary to put your hand on the floor as you get up, for example—points are deducted.

It can’t be done
Go ahead. Try it. If you can get up off the floor with absolutely no use of hands in any way, I want to hear from you. I don’t care what shape you are in, how much you exercise, how often you frequent the gym or how flexible you are. There is no way anyone can do this “test for longevity.”

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