PRODUCTIVITY: NOTEZILLA, computer ‘post its’

Win 10 has STICKIES built in and it is free.

However, serious computer users need better tools to help them stay organized, remember everything and create useful todo lists. The application they need is NOTEZILLA, the king of sticky notes.

Attention advanced computer users
If you work on computers with any degree of seriousness, then you know the management of data is a challenging task. Even more challenging is remembering all the things you need to get done. Here is where NOTEZILLA steps in: the Cadillac of sticky notes programs.

NOTEZILLA is a lifesaver for organizing your to-do list, making reminders you’ll remember, recording data of all sorts from pix to sound wavs for later recall. Many people who work in offices use little note pads or small notebooks for recording all the things they need to do; NOTEZILLA is your better alternative, by far.

NOTEZILLA can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be. You control the level of sophistication to which you want to take it. Like cars, you can drive a Volkswagon, a Chev, a Caddilac or a Lamborghini, all dependent on your preferences. NOTEZILLA is that kind of program. Keep it simple, you have a handy Post it notes program; kick it up a few notches and you have a program that can have options and features you may never outgrow.

NOTEZILLA has made a 3 month trial (free) available to website visitors here. This triples to free 30 day trial by 2 months. We asked NOTEZILLA for this kind of extension as new users would have plenty of time to test, explore and examine the program.

Click the link to access the 90 day trial version:  90 FREE trial version


Please contact Richard at if you have any problems or if you need help with NOTEZILLA

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