Pet ownership benefits your health

Pet ownership benefits your health. Don’t take our word for it…read on.

Hey, I went down to Florida too…lost 4 lbs down there from all the walking we did. Vet was really pleased with my weight loss. Me too! Richard, well, he nibbled and sipped much more than I did, but we both did the walking, more than 1oK steps every day…multiply mine by 4 of course.

My point is this…GET A DOG…never mind the other pets. A DOG means you gotta get out there and walk. If you’re in an apartment, condo, townhouse, a place without a fenced in yard, you will have to walk the dog a few times a day. A couple of times for the ‘big business’ and likely 3 or 4 more ‘step outsides for a pee.’ The walks will do you good, fresh air, exercise, moving the joints. But depending on your own physical capability, select the breed of dog suitable to your physicality. Big breeds need a lot of serious walking to keep them healthy and happy. Smaller breeds, less so. There are even breeds which need nearly no outdoor visits at all…except for bathroom relief. Ask around, talk to breeders, search the internet…find your companion and you’ll never regret it.

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