EDITORIAL: Premier FORD disregarding us as people

Do you really believe this man is looking out for your best interests?

Is this leader really working for your benefit? Or does he have a personal agenda which may be vindictive, spiteful and have negative effects on you and your family?

An open letter to Doug Ford


Member of the Ontario Legislature
The Legislative Assembly
Queens Park, Toronto Ontario

Dear Sir,


The provincial government has recently made extreme budgetary cuts to the Southern Ontario Library Services (SOLS). These cuts are drastic. They affect constituents who rely on these services but who are unable to influence policy change in any meaningful way.

These cuts impact on lower- and middle-class Ontarians most, thus affecting and including the many areas of autism, education, health, …. Agreed, reducing the provincial debt should be among the highest of the government priorities. Will this policy thrust also include a cut of the $15 million annual payment to Ontario MPP’s?

The library budget cuts are effectively demonstrating that this government is adopting a “Let them eat cake” attitude. CEO’s of numerous libraries in Ontario have expressed their serious opposition to the SOLS cuts. Rural Ontarians will especially feel these cuts as they rely on libraries to supplement their home TV’s and radios and for maintaining their literacy skills. Libraries are a lifeblood for these citizens and budget cuts to these services will affect them more than just economically.

We are imploring the provincial government to review and revise these service cuts. The savings derived from a Legislature salaries reduction could permit a revision to the library services budget cut. Or perhaps they can find other ways to offset the severe Southern Ontario Library Services (SOLS) cuts. The Ontario voters would consider showing their appreciation for such a policy revision in a very positive way at the polls.

The current attitude displayed by these members is one of alienation.

We are confident that this government can find the goodwill to make policy revisions to the South Ontario Library Services (SOLS) which would be more supportive of Ontarians rather than destructive.


Richard Szpin
905 509 4321
A concerned Ontarian voter

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