EDITORIAL: QUEBEC, what are you thinking?


Which supercedes the other? Quebec 21 or Canada Charter of Rights?

The Quebec law (Bill) 21, bans wearing any religious symbolism in the public sector.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

Unless you are a lawyer, it looks like the law of the land supercedes any provincial or regional one unless specified otherwise such as education which is provincial. Perhaps the area to which Bill 21 applies is provincial jurisdiction but not being constitutional lawyers, it seems to us when not specified, the national laws prevails in any legislations in Canada.  Therefore, the Quebec law is overridden by the national one.

Trudeau and Scheer have both pussyfooted around the issue. Neither is willing to act appropriately in regard to these legislations. To act would incur the wrath of Quebec voters and 24 parliamentary seats are at stake.

“I don’t think that in a free society we should be legitimizing or allowing discrimination against anyone,” Trudeau parrots this memorized response repeatedly whenever queried about this issue.

Scheer, meanwhile, said a Conservative government would not intervene in Bill 21.

They are both acting like wishy washy, political cowards. Instead of supporting the national law, they avoid the issue totally, thereby allowing Quebec to control a matter which violates the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Jagmit Singh courageously opposes Bill 21 but recognizes it as provincial jurisdiction at this time. Singh called Bill 21 “divisive” and “hurtful,” adding that he hopes his presence in Quebec as a Sikh man with long hair, a turban and a beard throughout the campaign will show Quebecers that he is prepared to defend their right to protect their identity – including French language rights. And his previous NDP strong foothold in Quebec is now in real jeopardy. The other leaders happily watch Sing swing in the political whirlwind.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has said in the past that she opposes Bill 21 and that the party also opposes the bill. There have, however, been concerns raised about whether May would or could force Green Party candidates to oppose the bill.

Leaders candidates for the office of the Prime Minister should show more backbone and more loyalty. They show rubbery spines by not taking  a clear stand in support of the country’s Charter of Rights over a regional law. Jagmit Singh seems to be outrightly loyal to the his country.



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