EDITORIAL: We told you so . . .

We told you in November, 2016…check it out:  [ TRUMPISM ] We said it three years ago and now it rears its ugly head in our election. We wrote about the ugliness and derogatory face of American politics because of the goon who got elected to the presidency. However, be warned, the lesson here is what not voting can do.

Americans were dissatisfied with both candidates, Clinton and Trump, and stayed away from the polls. Trump won by the slimmiest, oops, slimmest of margins:

The difference barely a half a million votes, 694,476‬, in a country where 125 million people voted, but that is only 60% of the eligible voters.

40% of America’s eligible voters didn’t vote
Well Canadian voters, pay attention. Vote because your vote matters. Not voting means you have absolutely no say in the election. Many people sacrificed their lives in defense of our democracy, safeguarding your right to vote.

There are people in the world who would gladly trade places with Canadians. In fact, they have fought or are fighting to gain the same electoral right which you already have. Hong Kong, the Arab spring, two battle grounds for democracy.

Your fight for democracy has been fought. Your defenders of democracy won.

You owe it to them, those who made the ultimate sacrifice to vote.

Do it.


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