Multi-Million Dollar Class Actions against retirement home corporations

This story is not intended to frighten people, nor to have them avoid retirement homes. Rather,  its intent is to be a cautionary warning to families who may be considering nursing home services for someone in their family.Three retirement home corporations are defendants in class actions suits launched against them. 

Revera, Extendicare, and Leisureworld
Revera, Extendicare, and Leisureworld are being sued for inadequate, or unacceptable care of clients resident in their homes. The CTV and CBC news networks have broadcast stories about the inferior service patrons have received as residence in homes administered by these corporations.

For a detailed news story as published in May, 2018 in a Canadian newspaper, click on  CLASS ACTION SUIT

If your family is considering a retirement home for a family member, here are some things to consider:

Inspect the home
Visit the a retirement home that belongs to the corporation, do it unannounced, without an appointment, and a number of times. If the home will not permit such visitation with the excuse that such a visit may be disruptive to the residents, choose another. They should be able to accommodate your touring needs.

Waiting list
You may be put on a waiting list as retirement home services are becoming in increasingly high demand as the population of retirement home clients grows. Our population is aging and the numbers are growing rapidly. Choose you best options, get put on the waiting list and prepare your family accordingly.

Retirement homes patrons
If you have a loved one resident in a retirement home, it is important that you become active in their care to some extent. You should visit the family member regularly at unannounced times to monitor the care that is being given. A daily visit is optimum, though not practical or possible for everyone because of transportation challenges and distances.

You cannot expect what you do not inspect
You cannot expect acceptable or proper care unless you inspect the care which is given on a regular basis. The retirement homes are not intentionally delivering poor or inadequate service. However, each home has limits, financial, staffing and facility limitations. You have a right to inspect the care your loved one receives. Note most vocalized complaints are usually dealt with as quickly and practically as possible by almost every home. After all, every retirement home wants to seen as being reputable and professional. They all care about their community reputations.

Challenging time
Retirement home living will be a challenging time for your family. Make the best of it by doing your homework and becoming as practically involved in the care as you can be.


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