RTO (Retired Teachers of Ontario) has published a very informative booklet regarding health plans available to its members.

The content of this booklet is available at: RTO

If you are a member
Read the information about your coverage and the Health Insurance plans available to RTO members.

If you are NOT a member
Read the booklet to give you some knowledge and comparison with other Health Insurance providers

If you do not have health insurance
Health Insurance provides clients cost coverage of medical expenses.
[ Be aware: Travellers should take note the Doug Ford government of Ontario has recently changed health coverage. Medical costs outside of Ontario are no longer covered by OHIP. Other health plans may have policy changes because of the new policies in Ontario. Familiarize yourself with the coverage plan you have. If you do not have a health plan, stay home. ( Read TorStar contributor Norris McDonald’s piece: DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT ) ]

To read the RTO booklet, click:  RTO

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