Navigating the holiday season

Below is a collection of ideas from the
West Durham Family Health as suggested by their patients on how to navigate the holiday season.

  1. Get involved in online communities including:
  2. On-line games, such as Scrabble
  3. Social media, such as Facebook
  4. Virtual mental health supports (free), such as 211, Connex,Togetherall, Bounce Back or Beacon.

You can access some of these at:

  1. Learn a new craft or hobby such as crocheting, knitting, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, wood working, home décor, reading a book or watching a new series on Netflix.
  2. Create a maze in the hallway at home for your pet.
  3. Be part of or organize, Zoom collaborations with friends and family.
  4. Give yourself permission to stay in bed a bit longer.
  5. Bundle up and go on a walk to enjoy the holiday lights at night.
  6. Get a coffee or hot chocolate and visit Lake Ontario on a socially distanced walk with some friends or family.
  7. Start a big or small home renovation project.
  8. Try a new local restaurant through a delivery app.
  9. Play a multi-player videogame or board game with the whole family.

West Durham Family Health continues to be interested in how you are managing during these challenging times.  Feel free to connect with us to share your ideas.

Rachel and Dale
Social Workers
Ph: 905-420-9999

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