Violence against women, a COVID repercussion

Violence spousal abuse, mostly against women, is a secondary effect caused by COVID.

Tempers become shorter, stress levels rise, anxiety increases and patience diminishes, COVID has emotional repercussions besides medical ones.

Sadly, COVID wreaks havoc on people’s temperaments. Cooped up for weeks by quarantine regulations, restricted from find release with outings to the shopping, eating out or socializing with friends all impact seriously on the temperament of the people who are subject to these restrictions. No matter how justified the restrictions may be, these negative repercussions do serious and severe damage to relationships and to the people involved in them.

There are no easy ways to avoid the effects caused by quarantine and COVID restrictions. Their impact affects individuals emotionally and mentally. The solutions or resolutions to these negative effects are difficult to find, even more difficult to put into effect and hardest at reaching positive results.

Though the majority of victims are female, some male abuse exists also, more likely in the form of verbal or emotional abuse rather than physical. Be that as it may, all victims of abuse stemming from COVID, all genders, all ethnic groups, and all ages need to find support, security and comfort from whatever professional and established community services they can find.

Violence against women and COVID: a pandemic within a pandemic. Read the report produced by McMaster University Optimal Aging Portal at McMaster

Additionally, those looking for help might be interested in connecting with one of the following:

Elder Abuse:  Ph 1-800-461-0327

Hospice Services: Ph 1-800-461-0327

Women’s Shelters In Toronto:  website

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