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We’re considering adding a new section to BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz but its success depends on help from people like you.

The section will contain information, professional advice and personal commentary that will benefit older adults. The goal is to keep things on a personal level, information from people who have first-hand knowledge about it. All of us listen harder when we hear information from people who’ve been there. We prefer hearing information and advice from personal sources, family members, trusted friends, and next-door neighbours. “My pain was relieved by …..” or “I have this lawyer who…” or “My doctor suggests…” has more care and empathy attached to it than ‘Call 911.’

Take a moment to consider how you can help us deliver more and better information to older adults. Help make this site more valuable and useful to more people like you, people who care and are interested in helping their community.

Send your information to RICHARD

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