On the PHYSIO road…

The Delahaye was a world-renowned car built in France in the first half of the 20th century. Today it still stars as a collector’s treasure in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

Another interesting trip has begun on the road to better health, “the PHYSIO road…”

The arthritis pain of the hip has reached the ‘take-action-level’ and my doctor’s Tylenol recommendation is no longer what I want. I prefer a non-toxic solution if one can be found.

A friend, Gerry S., recommended a physiotherapist, Rosemarie L. and I met with her. My journey on ‘the PHYSIO road…’ will be logged here.

#2 Physio
Traffic problems made me late which in turn elevated my stress level as I am a normal punctual person.

Rosemarie understood my stress and worked me down with deep breathing and positive talk.

The session had more manual examination of me physically. Somehow, by analyses of physical extensions, she confirmed not only that I was doing my assigned exercise homework but that it had positive and concrete results. Whew, thank goodness because I had been trying to my work diligently, though I think I could have done much more. One step at a time.

Rosemarie introduced a number of new items to my healthy road journey:

  1. The “5-minute gratification journal”
    She feels I am afraid of something within me and I am fighting to bury it. I think the goal of journaling is to build positive self-esteem so one can more easily deal with one’s internal demons. Let’s hope so as there is a Mr. Hyde buried inside me. He was let out to my shame and embarrassment when I was in the recovery room after my Brachye surgery. That’s a terrible story that is written up in the Cancer Road section. Read record #4
    at CANCER Road
  2. New exercises. Again, they are to be done in bed or on the floor, a couple times a day. Once again these exercises are extensions trying to stretch something relative to my arthritic hip. 
    Interestingly, as we talked and I learned more about how the body tries to deal with negative impacts such as surgeries, stents inserts, gall bladder removal and prostate cancer. It seems the body works best when there is balance or homeostasis within it. When this is upset, the body counters with pains and maladies.
  3. Finally, Rosemarie introduced me to the concept of “tapping” which on the surface looks silly as one quickly taps a rhythm on certain locations of the upper body while vocally describing the negative emotions or conditions being felt at that moment or that day. It almost like the body is being rhythmically reminded about the negative energy is needs to deal with. I think the idea may be that vocalizing develops awareness and awareness lead to reduction or better management of the negativity. Know thy enemy and you can win the battle!

An interesting session that had a balance between physical and psychological processes. It will very interesting to see how all this unfolds, develops and goes.

#1 Physio
I have tried massage, chiropractic and even acupuncture to no avail. Each was like using a different car model, a Chev, a VW, and a Fiat but not one got me to the desired destination, pain relief. I needed something better. I found a DELAHAYE, a French classic, and I took her out for a ‘szpin’ yesterday.

Physiotherapy with Rosemarie is a trip, a ride of exuberance, capability and energy. Within minutes of meeting her, one feels this could be the ride of success.

“People whisperer”
This physiotherapist is the closest thing to a ‘people whisperer’ I have ever encountered. Her philosophy about the body is that it is an integration of ‘organ teams’ working together with constant inter-communication. She develops her diagnostic conclusions by using her hands to ‘sense’ the patient’s innards and to ascertain the positioning and motility of the internal organs. She supplements her physical analysis with the patient’s medical history and self-observations. Soon, she has a relatively complete picture of the condition of the patient’s health from which she determines the best solutions to rectifying the health issues.

Renaissance woman
As Rosemarie explains her work and describes her assessment, one sees the richness and expanse of her knowledge, experience and skills. Her explanations are sprinkled with easy-to-understand dialogue interspersed with medical and clinical terminology that quickly instills confidence and comfort in the patient.

A dynamic trip
Soon after starting out, the patient feels they are on a journey to better health.

I look forward to this becoming a positive and productive trip. 

I am on the road again…

More to come soon…

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