Jan 23 – He’s on a rollin’ rant again…penal, judicial, gamble(?)

Rotzy’s on another rant again…though some is a carry over. He’s a curmudgeon on a tear!

Rotzy’s 3-Week “F/N” Rant….
….on Canada’s Judicial/Penal Systems has drawn more responses from the readership than anything else to fill this page since who-knows-when. Maybe back to my ramblings about The Ring Of Fire. (*the mining one, not the Johnny Cash one) AND….there was nary a ONE who felt/feels yours truly’s position on all things lawful and unlawful aren’t necessarily overstated and/or over-aggressively stated. Simply put, they AGREED with Rotzy. *at this point I must point out there are some politicians on my “F/N” Mail Out List….since forever….at various gov’t levels….and there were zero responses (*see below) from ANY of them, neither yay or nay….tho I’m sure there WILL be! Soon. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. Not likely. You think? So….SO….amongst readers’ responses to Penal Rant #3, as well as the two prior instalments, were: A/ a plea to reinstate/bring back the Death Penalty, adding ‘by popular demand’, and that’s not too far from the truth if you wanna check the percentage of those/us ‘in favour’. The reader also pointed to the amount of money (do the math if you wish) it’s cost taxpayers to keep Paul Bernado in a prison under P/C (Protective Custody) for all these years….also correct, and the mere mention of that scum’s name is more than enough to hike Rotzy’s B/P, thank you. B/ Another reader was/is a real pull-no-punch type who simply said “we need to bring back ‘Public Stoning’, a once-popular pastyme, hobby, sport from another age altho his ‘ideas’ for Public Stoning in the 2000’s (which he saw as a ‘fund-raiser’/tax collector’ of sorts) were going to be ‘too commercialized’. And ‘too expensive’ for the attendees forking over big bucks to a ‘vendor’ for a half-dozen or a dozen boulders. And how big a hole do you dig?! C/ Now this fellow’s plan caught Rotzy’s eye!….and rather than killing the lawfully convicted killer….it’s more of an ‘outta sight/outta mind’ thingy….hence don’t jump to conclusions without thinking/reading it through. Because it just might work. (*this example is for convicted ‘male’ prisoners only, for obvious reasons) OK? He/they are taken to this HUGE man-made island, middle of nowhere, no way in, no way out, no warden, no guards, no ‘weapons’ per se. Of course, there is no legal tender/money. But, there IS a HUGE/DEEP man-made moat surrounding the HUGE man-made island that is full/overflowing with starving 10-15 ft-long alligators! This place was named ‘Guilty lsland’ tho most ‘new arrivals’ refer to it as ‘Not Guilty’….but only for a week or so. Well, Guilty Island was/is designed to be totally self-sufficient and it is. Totally. The ONLY thing that arrives here is prisoners. And nothing ever leaves here. NOTHING. EVER. There is farming….they grow everything and have every kind of livestock known to man….work horses, cows for milk and beef, chickens, pigs for meat, and sheep….for….for….ahh, wool….and ‘companionship’ if that’s your fancy. Actually, Guilty Island works pretty well for some, not so much so for others….you see, unlike the rest of Corrections Canada gaols there is zero P/C here! And Prison Justice doesn’t work the same as on ‘the outside’, nor does it move at the ‘glacial pace’ of Corr/Cda. It’s very swift and very final…plus there is zero ‘plea bargaining’. (* a “F/N” thanks to ‘Willie’ (not his real name) for this piece….Rotzy loved/loves it and would like to add something to it.) There ARE facilities within Corr/Cda that are ‘vaguely similar’ to ‘Guilty Island’….and it’s not-so-vaguely referred to as ‘RE-HABILITATION’ of the inmates. And most (all?) of them will face a Parole Board whose members do NOT use the ‘REJECTED’ stamp nearly often enough. C’mon, man! With 20, 30 or more convictions how in hell does the guy even get a hearing??!! Think about it!! Like, I mean lock the door and throw away the ****ing key!!!

Rotzy Made Mention (*see above)….
….about getting zero replies from the Politicians on my “F/N” Mail Out List as to my ongoing Judicial/Penal System rant, but something told me there had been one. Reply. From a long tyme friend up in the The Big Turnip….who in his usual fashion pointed out problem areas, and as always, and unfailingly, he came down solidly on the side of the police. And through the maze of problems/split-second decisions police face every day, therein looms the CIS. This was supposed to be The Policeman/Woman’s advocate when it started up some decades back. Not any more….a real thorn in the side….and much, much more than that! Rotzy’s got this ‘thing’ that, for example, when the 6:00PM News says at the end of a report about an arrested guy at a failed B&E “the CIS is now involved” it’s sorta like a bell in my pumpkin goes ”Ding”….”Well….that Cop’s screwed”! Hey, the job’s tough enough as is without Big Brother looking over your shoulder 24/7!

A Grade ‘A’ Large
I’m picturing Doug Ford whilst doing his ever-changing ‘Mr. Green Routine’ to the gathering of reporters with a hen egg slowly oozing down over his brow and for some reason I’m wondering (to myself) ”Hey Toad, when you have ‘egg on your face’ is it supposed to be raw”? “Well I don’t know….I just kinda thought it’d be fried, you know, sunny side up”? “That would be a tad warm on the premier’s puss, you think”? “So?! ”OK, OK….how about egg salad, like the kind for a sandwich”? ”Hey Toad…..it matters not…. Fordo will wear it well”! Liar, liar….Dougie’s tongue’s on fire!!

‘Odds’ Are……..Everything!
….if you’re talking about NFL Football. This ‘point’, no pun intended, was made….quite strongly….by Shane Hewitt last Thursday about 5:00AM EST on ‘The Shift’, my daily Global AM talk radio show from Calgary/Vancouver. Sports isn’t a daily topic with Shane, Ryan and cetera but Shane really got into it….how the NFL isn’t so much about winning and/or losing as it’s now all about ‘did you beat the ‘points’ spread’. And with stuff like Fandouel*tm Fantasy World it’s all about betters, bettors, point-spread guys, gamblers, winners and losers, and other ‘seedy characters’ that make Jimmy The Greek look like Billy Graham. BIG Business, that, in truth has diddly squat to do with the NFL, other than ‘it’ being the ‘vehicle’. (*see below) Shane doesn’t like it anymore….the ‘gambling aspect’….and neither does Rotzy!! I could listen to guys like Chris Collinsworth, Tom Buck, John Madden, Dandy Don, etc. adding their insights and thoughts from their own experience to ‘the colour work’ on an NFL game all afternoon long….but not all this ‘what if’? points bulls–t for two hours before the game….”If Nagurski returns to the lineup, the Bears will be 2-point favourites.”….or “If Rote starts at QB, the Lions are 6.5 better than The Pack!” Hey….yours truly is not a ‘gambler’, never even learned the rules of poker, and I don’t knock those that do….but when ‘it’….gambling….starts to ‘run the show’….and don’t be so naive to think that it’s just the NFL and/or other professional sports!….some ting wong.

*Thought Of The Day…The important thing to remember is that I’m probably going to forget. (anonymous)


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