BOOKS: Prince Harry – heir or spare?

Heir or spare?

Prince Harry’s new publication, Spare, is either gossip-mongering or airing dirty laundry? Regardless, like People magazine or TV’s ‘The Social,’ it may be riveting material.

Criticisms of Prince Harry’s verbal expose will be unnecessary. Justifiable? One cannot help but wonder. Prince Is Harry just hanging out dirty laundry about the royal family. Should he? Your call.

All this may be cathartic for him, but is it justifiable? He decided it was worth writing about. Of course, there’s money to be made. That’s irrelevant. Besides, who are we to judge if he has done right or wrong in trying to augment the family coffers? It’s his call.

Let’s hope it brings him the comfort and solace he seeks.

However, there are some thoughts to be considered about all of this. Prince Harry needs revenue after his banishment from membership in the royal family. He chose to leave, for whatever reason and in doing so, his income was affected. His wife, at this time, has no acting roles and her Suits residuals likely are insufficient to support the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Skepticism is warranted with his claim that publishing ‘Spare’ was a catharsis that helped him deal with the death of his mother. There may be some truth in that but the more realistic and believable fact is that publishing the book means increased income in the multi-millions. Oprah interviews, 60 minutes, and multiple TV appearances are not simply book promotions. They are revenue-generation.

There is no reason to disparage what Harry is doing. He has the right to earn a living in any way he sees fit and if this revenue-generating shoe fits, he should wear it.

I have not read the book. My reluctance comes from not wanting to add to the coffers of any celebrity. I feel most earn enough from the work they already do in self-promotion. My curiosity limit will not be broken by any wish to hear Obama or Michelle speaking at the cost of $500/ticket. If others choose to pay that freight, more power to them. But I won’t be a party to it.

It is curious to watch to what extent Harry will go to disparage his family in retaliation for the wrongs they may have caused him. Justified or not, it sounds like public dirty laundry hanging and there is something wrong with publicly criticizing one’s family, let alone criticizing it for financial gain. The decision to read the book is a tough call.

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