HEARING: To buy or not to buy, that is the question

‘To buy or not to buy, that is the question.” This is a very serious consideration and one which requires personal and serious evaluation.

Let’s take my situation as a model for your reference.

I am a blogger, writing and publishing a lot of material on a website which I created years ago to help older adults: BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz   Therefore, I spend hours researching on the computer, followed by periods of writing there. As I am working alone in my office, there is no need to hear well beyond my softly playing music. And even that is played as background rather than dominant sound.

Hearing becomes an issue for me outside of the home. At home, my wife already is aware of my hearing shortcomings and speaks to me accordingly. However, when I go shopping, clerks in the store, at the cash are problematic, sometimes requiring me to assert that I have a hearing problem and asking them to repeat what they said.

In a restaurant situation, often the conversation at my table has hearing challenges. In a large gathering, a meeting, distanced people cannot be heard. Auditorium speakers often present hearing difficulties. Speaking with people on the street while walking my dog necessitates my turning the better hear toward the speaker.

These are situations which ultimately made me realize I needed a hearing aid so that I could hear well and properly in all situations.

Read what hearing aid I bought and the reasons for my selection in another post.

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