HEALTH: Best way to show your doctor your medical information

How often have you been asked for your medical information, and medical history while visiting a medical practitioner or a clinic? If you use a cell phone or an iPad there’s an easy way to present the information to the health practitioner.

Create or locate an easily found folder, on your device and save your medical information to it. Such information as:

  • prescriptions
  • dosages
  • doctor contact information
  • medical procedures
  • surgery information
  • photos of prescription labels
  • pharmaceutical info:
    pharmacy, location, phone, pharmacist

Learn how to put this information into an easy-to-find folder and practice accessing it yourself. Keep it up to date and learn how to modify or update the info.

Then, you visit a health professional, and rather than trying to recall all the medical/health information on the spot, you pull out your iPad or cell phone and display the information.

Practice doing that so you become adept at doing it when you need your medical/health information.

Rather than trying to remember on the spot, you can easily show your medical professional something like this on your ipad (or any information you photographed and stored on your ipad/cell phone:

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