EDITORIAL: Our governments, our friends? Way to go Doggie Ford

Ford government cutting back OHIP-covered eye services for some seniors

Way to go Doggie Ford at Queen’s Park
Another example of our governments looking out for our best interests. Governments are not intended to be friends with their citizens. Doggie Ford epitomizes that rule. 

Corruption at Queen’s Park. Maybe not in the classic sense where actual money is handed over under the table as in bygone eras, but something stinks in the state of Toronto and it ain’t the hogs downtown. Other hogs? For certain. As for money under the table in reality? In these days of Trumpism, it may actually occur. As for Doggie Ford, there is no question this political head walks among the questionable political leaders; consider his inefficacious Greenbelt promise, his dubious policies to assist families with autistic children, try his fee-based bridal shower garden parties with the $1500 entrance ticket, try his continual erosion of public health in the province, his inadequate salaries for hospital staff, his failure to alleviate the inadequate medical professionals in the province and now this new cut back…eye care for seniors. This provincial leader is clearly doing us in. Where do we stand in our response to him?

All this bears some resemblance to the public responses to the German government policies of the 1930s. Silence and apathy kill. Might Doggie Ford be a pit bull in oversized chihuahua’s clothing?

Eye care for seniors? Read that again. Is that the same government that saw many seniors killed due to inadequate or improper care in residential homes like Orchard Villa Residential Home, Pickering during the pandemic? Now seniors get hit again with loss of eye care. Those whose eyes deteriorate more quickly than the young get relegated to longer intervals between medical examinations. Bravo Doggie!

Will this ageism and inexplicable poor governing stop…not with Doggie’s “rain!”
They’re deaf at Queen’s Park. Worse, there’s no accountability, no transparency, no responsibility and by the time an election rolls around, the malevolence of this government’s current tainted policies will be forgotten. Just ask Saul!

The man is malevolence personified. He is in office for two more years for sure, until the 2016 election and is likely to win again given the problems and inadequacies with the alternative provincial parties.

Doggie Ford is as dumb as a Border collie with his herd of sheeple. In the next provincial election, he’ll follow his proven campaign strategy of avoiding all specifics, no explanations of potential policy, and clamming up every Party member and QP Conservative MPP. That strategy has been his successful go-to card twice already and he’ll play it again next election.

Will you remember any of his felonious failures, tainted inadequacies or malodorous machinations in two years?

What do you think? What are you going to do about it?


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