EDITORIAL: Political corruption, condescension, and chicanery

Well they’ve done it again, still trying to con us into believing they are working on our behalf.

The federal government recently approved the Rogers-Shaw Communications merger after rejected it many times. What changed? Not the players? Perhaps some financial campaign support was increased. Well, break out  the champagne, Philippe Champagne, that is, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Talk about hypocrisy. “We’ll be watching them like a hawk!” Sure, like a hawk who’s resident at the CNIB, Canadian National Institute for the Blind. This minister is pulling our legs. He should do a sidehustle as barker for Clyde Bros. Circuses. Do you really believe this ministry will do anything about telecom service prices? Canadians pay the highest prices in the world. Canada ranks 157th out of 182 countries in terms of fixed mobile data pricing and it ranks 146th out of 204 countries in terms of broadband pricing. (2020)  

Now, Minister Champagne expects us to believe that this Rogers-Shaw merger will really benefit all Canadian digital service users. Who is he trying to kid? All he has done is create another giant corporation which will gouge Canadians very soon, though he denies this will happen. Didn’t Rogers just unexpectedly disconnect service for a week costing users millions of dollars. And as a punishment, they get to merge with another telecom.

This is an example of government complacency and collaboration with big business. Champagne likely cannot be accused of corruption but the smell of collusion pervades the Ottawa air. Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri cashed in recently to about $31 million in salary and stock bonuses. Likely another Robber Baron of the 21st century. What do you think his highest priority may be? Profit for shareholders and equitable pricing for consumers. Ahhh, let me think about that a moment.

Just last summer Rogers delivered … disconnection to its users. Now it refuses to even consider making cell service available to TTC transit users where crime is escalating regularly. So, you cannot phone 911 from almost anywhere in the TTC. Explain the justification and rationale behind that one for us.

It’s almost Easter and we should be thankful for having such wonderful political leaders.


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