EDITORIAL: PSAC strike imminent

The Public Service Alliance Coalition is about to walk out on strike. Wage demands are their biggest demand. Foolish or futile demands?

The corporate powers and their political partners pay lip service to care about workers. Politicians have never taken a pay cut, let alone been accountable for their inaction in helping workers. Today’s robber barons, the corporate CEOs of any large corporation, care about the salaries of their employees as the fox cares about the feed offered to the cooped chickens. Chicken feed everywhere.

Be aware, when the PSAC workers walk out, Canada Revenue will sharpen its corporate blades. File your tax return regardless of the strike situation. Otherwise, be prepared for tax filing penalties, late filing charges and interest fees. Do not expect the government to let you off the hook. 

Prepare your tax return and file it by the deadline time. Otherwise, you will be subject to interest penalties with no possibility of assistance or support from any politician. It’s the way of the world today, the world of robber barons and political collusion.


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