PICKERING: Council Meeting Highlights, April 24, 2023

City of Pickering passes 2023 Current & Capital Budgets

  • The approved Current Budget is $82,162,832
  • The approved Capital Budget is $58,899,668

The City’s portion of the residential property tax bill will increase by 2.44%. This increase, when combined with the Region of Durham and School Board increases results in an average increase of 5.31 percent on the total property tax bill.

Budget Highlights

  • Expansion of the senior’s snow removal program from 500 to 750 registrants
  • Increase in seniors property tax grant from $525 to $535
  • Expanded Automated Speed Enforcement program
  • New events at Millennium Square
  • Staff to support a new Office of Affordability
  • Funding for the implementation of the digital strategy to include website redevelopment and customized client portals
  • Major 2023 Capital Projects: construction of the Pickering Heritage & Community Centre ($40 million total budget), new pickleball and futsal courts at the Pickering Soccer Centre ($902,000), Walnut Lane extension ($2.0 million) and various asphalt resurfacing, reconstruction and culvert replacement projects ($4.6 million)
  • Funding for the development of a new Corporate Strategic Plan as well as updates to the Parks & Recreation, Fire and Library Master Plans
  • An increase of five positions for front-line firefighting staff (Seaton)

Council receives the 2022 Sustainable Pickering Year-in-Review

Through a Report and Year-in-Review, staff provided a high-level, reader-friendly summary that highlights the City’s achievements, events, programs, and projects, as they relate to sustainability. The document promotes the efforts of the City of Pickering and its community partners and serves to inspire others to connect and get involved.

The City of Pickering’s sustainability efforts address a variety of initiatives, including community engagement, pollinators, waste diversion, local food, sustainable development, climate change, natural environment, and more.

Council endorses staff comments on the Region’s Municipal Comprehensive Review of the Durham Regional Official Plan

The Region of Durham asked for comments on its new draft Regional Official Plan.  

The Durham Regional Official Plan guides decisions on long-term growth and development–providing policies to ensure an improved quality of life–and securing the health, safety, convenience and well-being of present and future residents of the region.

A copy of the draft plan can be found on their website, under Envision Durham. It will repeal and replace the existing Durham Regional Official Plan and includes a new planning horizon to 2051.

In 2019, the Region launched Envision Durham – the Municipal Comprehensive Review of our Official Plan. This review looks at:

  • How and where our cities and towns may grow
  • How to use and protect our land and resources
  • What housing types and job opportunities are needed for our residents
  • How people and goods will move across our region and beyond

Council approves asphalt resurfacing for various streets

Council approved a net project cost of $3,467,059 to improve 13 streets:

  1. Alder Court
  2. Eyer Drive
  3. Chapleau Drive
  4. Heathside Crescent
  5. Vistula Drive
  6. Victoria Street
  7. Chiron Crescent
  8. Listowell Crescent
  9. Dellbrook Avenue
  10. Jomar Avenue
  11. Martins Drive
  12. Linwood Street
  13. Stonehurst Road

Council approves running track replacements

The existing running tracks at Beverly Morgan Park and St. Mary Park.

The total net project cost is estimated at $945,045.00.

Council takes an official position on a Pickering airport

The Council for The Corporation of the City of Pickering:

  1. Does not support an airport on the Pickering Lands;
  2. No further resources and/or funds will be spent to promote an airport on the Pickering Lands; and
  3. The City of Pickering continues to endorse support for High-Frequency Rail with a station located in Green River.

A copy of this resolution will be forwarded to the Minister of Transport Canada, Omar Alghabra, and to Pickering-Uxbridge MP O’Connell, as well as to MPs Anandasangaree, Carrie, Holland, Jaczek, Turnbull, and O’Toole; to Durham and York regional councils, and to Scarborough East councillors; and to the municipal councils of Ajax, Markham, Oshawa, Scugog, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Vaughan, and Whitby.

This summary was edited and abbreviated by the BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz who is responsible for any errors, omissions or misstatements.

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