STREGA 01: The STREGA story

Many centuries ago, a witch, the STREGA DI POZALLO, practiced her black magic craft of spells and curses in the southern region of the island of Sicily. Her fame and reputation expanded throughout all of Sicily and as expected, once women of mainland Italy learned of these magical powers, they flocked to POZZALLO to get the magic gift from the STREGA.

Today, many Italian women call on the magical powers of the STREGA DI POZZALLO to manage and control their men. Many husbands know about the practice of this black art and are powerless over it. In light of it, they live their marital lives with caution and wariness.

Malocchio is a very well-known example of the STREGA’s many curses. Persons given the malocchio are cursed to having bad luck everywhere until the curse is lightened or lifted totally. Other well-known curses are: nomenticar, sordo tutto, occhio scappato, bacio basico and bacio alto.

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