Looking for a GOOD CHILI recipe…

do you make a good chili?


Many online recipes claim to make good chilis, but many of these recipes are unappealing for a number of reasons:

  • Too many ingredients
  • ingredients that are hard to find in Canada
  • cooking instructions are too difficult or too much work
  • some skip beans (chili without beans is like a day without sunshine…just not right)
  • I prefer chicken broth to beef broth
  • must use hot peppers and Jalapenoes too


I’m looking a chili recipe with simple ingredients that are easy too find, a recipe that is easy to prepare, tested, tasted and which your family really likes because it packs a wallop in flavour and taste. Spicey would be a bonus.


If you think you make a great chili, send me the recipe and I will publish it on my site giving you full credit. Please contact me if you are interested in submitting a recipe:


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