City TODAY: CITY offers many courses, services and activities this fall

Bears hibernate in the winter, but nobody in Pickering does. The City just offers so many things to do, to participate in and to enjoy, it makes choosing a challenge.

Be up for the challenge and check out what the City of Pickering offers you.

Hockey season is up and skating and you can learn a lot about hockey at this little gem of a course. Phone for more information and about registration.

The City of Pickering Leisure and Services guide has an astonishingly large selection of things to do in the city. As the weather changes, get yourself out into some course, some activity which keeps you active all winter long. You will feel better, be healthier and by spring time, a new you will emerge with the spring flowers.

Baffled by technology. Take a computer course. The courses below are being offered at the Petticoat Creek Community Centre.

The city is offering a Beginners computer course which will bump up your confidence and skills in using a computer. Computers can be fun, but they are the ‘go to’ tool if you do any kind of serious writing. Thinking of writing a book? Logging information about a hobby collection? Even stamp collectors can use a computer. A great tool and easy to use and taught by pro ! Begins Sept. 28

Two fundamental programs every computer user should learn: WORD and EXCEL. The first one is for the writer, the journal logger, the diary keeper, the hobbyist. Polish your skills so that your material not only looks good but so that you can save it properly and find it easily afterwards.

Excel is for computer users who work with numbers. Preparing a budget? Paying off a loan? Saving for that special thing? Planning for a vacation? Excel is your program. It does more than just numbers. It help you outline projects; it can help you with long lists of collections; it can help you organize and plan a major trip; it can be your record keeper for just about anything. This is a program which does more for you as you learn more about it. Begins Sept. 26

Online: Click to City Registration Site

Fax with a credit card number: Ph 905.831.9370

Drop-off, Mail In or In Person at Pickering Recreation Complex, 167 Valley Farm Rd.




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