ARCHIVES: PATRICK BROWN – where are you ?


Patrick Brown, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party cannot be contacted by a regular citizen of the province, especially not a senior citizen. More than 7 weeks ago, I tried contacting Patrick Brown through his office and via two emails given to me by Queen’s Park. To date, I have not received a reply.

As the moderator of a group of about 30 seniors who meet weekly to discuss issues in the media, I extended an invitation to Mr. Brown to meet with us so we could learn more about him. No one in our group could say anything concrete about him. To date, there has been no reply.

Leading the polls
Currently, Brown leads the polls in Ontario with Horwath in second place and Wynne in a distant third spot. Things could change significantly if Wynne ever decides to really launch her campaign. She has already begun application of the riding crop to her political nags with promises and changes to minimum salary and pharmacare to Ontarians. Horwath has applied her whip too with her universal drug plan. Patrick Brown? Still an unknown persona and trotting along on a relatively unknown nag. Unless he injects something into his mount, he may not finish the race in the money come next June.

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