RAVES and more: The many masks worn by the Trump family … sad, mad, or glad?

Donald TrumpNot sure what to make of this. Perhaps it simply isn’t any of our business, but it does sadden one.

You know why this is saddening…?

Look at each face more closely.

Barron, simply is wow! As expected of an 11 year old, the face seen here is of a boy who is living in a very unusual world. Surrounded by opulence beyond understanding and beyond appreciation, beyond comprehension, surrounded by a world of fame, media attention and constant media focus, it would be hard to understand what is happening if you are that age, or maybe at almost any age.

Melania, on the other hand, hides. She hides behind glasses. She hides either because she does not want to show her true feelings, or she knows that if she should, she may have to deal with repercussions which she wishes to avoid. Though her face does not show outright sadness, she must be saddened somewhere, somehow. To live in a world of wealth and opulence but one which may be tainted in many ways has to be very difficult. She likely faces anger constantly. Anger and emotional negativity without any pause, any relief, any break. She suffers from a cultural shock as she has left the supportive reinforcement one derives from living among one’s own cultural persona. She lives in a land which knows little of her cultural origins, but more importantly, a land which doesn’t give a damn about other cultures. There is no way she can find comfort and solace in this environs. Worse, she is isolated and polarized, living life alone, isolated from the man who should give her comfort and support, from the man she may have thought she would be able to control and would be able to change.

Trump…wow, that face says, “This is how I am dealing with this. You don’t like it, get out of my face.” This man doesn’t hear, can’t hear, doesn’t care about hearing any criticism, analysis or suggestions regarding his behaviour. If and when the world doesn’t evolve the way he wants, ‘the world is wrong.’ There is no way to empathize with this mentality. This man is in his own world and sees the rest of the world as totally askew, totally off kilter.

To criticize the two adults in this scene is to be short-sighted and lacking in understanding, and maybe empathy. Most people have feelings, consciences, misgivings and apprehensions based on emotions based experience and teaching. Trump has evolved in a hardened, sheltered world. To try to understand him, empathize with him or see his world as he does, is impossible unless you have been raised that way.

Melania, on the other hand, may simply be a gold digger. She may see this life as so much better than the life or the potential life she once had. This is life in a gilded cage, a life in a paradise of opulence and wealth. There is no rationalization or justification for criticizing this woman. She has forsaken a world of emotion and empathy for a world of opulence and grandeur but not totally. She has a son. Perhaps maternal instincts can prevail but by the looks of things, opulence and wealth have trumped all realities of emotion and empathy.

Sadness may not be called for here. Instead, there may be a need for walking a few miles in her shoes to understand how she lives there and how she thinks. She will never reveal her inner self, but there is no need for her to do so.

She is living a life many would love to live, but as well, many would not.

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