BRUNO's desk...: Summer never was this year

bruno mugIt’s a lament. Bruno might be feeling as many others do, “It was a summer that never was.”

But Bruno is going to make the most of a possible recovery by grabbing his riding partner, hopping aboard and riding off into the sunset in Sudbury!

Ride safe Bruno…

Last month I said, “IT”S SUMMER!” Guess the summer happened a couple of times, anyway.

Now we are into August, and I’m still really waiting for summer. There have been hot and humid muggy days, but not really enjoyable summer days.

I miss my pool. Next year a new liner has to be installed. Maybe even get ambitious enough to build a wooden stair and platform to get into the above ground pool.

Lots of medical appointments this month for both my wife and I. All part of getting older, I guess. Getting to know our young doctors quite well since we have so many appointments with them each month. Even see them at the local fairs with their families, or at the local grocery store.

As I am writing this, Rib Fests are happening all over Durham Region. Mmmm great food! These are booked in place to promote amazing fundraisers. The Rotary Club of Port Perry has allocated their proceeds to the new hospice building fund in Port Perry. They hope to have over 25,000 visitors this year, just slightly more than last year’s inaugural event and possibly raising over $35,000.

There are so many summer events happening this month. Look up information on any event you are interested in and find a way to check it out.

My wife and I are planning our annual attendance of the Warrior’s Parade at the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition) on August 19. Afterwards, we will spend the day exploring and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of this huge venue.

Bruno and “The Boss” test the ride before a summer’s over trip!

At the end of this month, we will be riding to Sudbury for their annual “Ride to the Wall” event. It has been a few years since my wife and I had attended this event. Now that we have joined a local motorcycle riding club, we look forward to the comradery with them and the other chapters that attend. The ride leaves the Canadian Legion hall in Sudbury, ride to Sturgeon Falls for a rest stop and gas fill-up, then continue on to the North Bay Legion hall. Here we are fed a lunch before presentations are made to the Legion hall. Wreaths are laid by many attending. A small donation from the registration is presented to the hall, usually about $800 (for each hall). This is a police escorted event in both directions. Once back in Sudbury a dinner is available and the comradery continues. This makes for a great weekend. So looking forward to this break from the normal routine!

Have a great summer, Y’all

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