DISCUSSIONS: 3 – (Mar 17) Immigrants need to be vetted for Canadian values

 The US government has revised Trump’s latest immigration policy. Again their court system has thrown it out as being religiously discriminatory.

Trump is angry with the court, so angry that he now will be looking for ways to circumvent it. However, immigrants to the USA are finding that they may be in precarious positions. The American govt has increased the number of border guards, increased the number of customs officers and ordered homeland security to increase vigilance and surveillance of immigrants in the hunt for illegal ones.

The repercussions of all the above are that more and more immigrants to the USA are crossing the Canadian border claiming asylum. They want refuge from the USA because if they are caught there, deportation to the country from which they came is a sure thing.

The Canadian govt has not consolidated or re-affirmed the Safe Third Country policy yet and while it reconsiders its position in relation to that law, it is permitting asylum seekers to stay in Canada. Will this policy change? Trump may bully Canada into acting on immigrants as he wants, deporting them to the US which in turn will deport them to their original homeland.

Trump’s paranoia with immigrants is oozing into Canada. A minority of Canadian political leaders are demanding a “purer” immigrant, one who adheres by and believes in Canadian principles. These politicians are demanding that Canada should vet immigrants for their stand on Canadian principles and values.

Is this ethical? Is this democratic? Is Canada looking down the wrong road? Is Canada still the driver of its own national policy vehicle or are we about to be forced into abiding by what the American government approves?


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