DISCUSSIONS: 3-(June 16) Jam Sessions at the US Congressional hearings

June 13th, James Sessions, Attorney General, testified at the Congressional investigations held in Washington. Sessions, a Donald Trump appointee, was expected to blow the lid off the Comey/Russian collusion investigations. He did not.

Read what came out of the Sessions testimony.

Same chorus was replayed, repeatedly
Millions of people waited anxiously for this day to arrive with the expectation that much would be revealed to the Congressional hearing investigation the possible collusion of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia. Many expected that Sessions would blow the lid off of the investigation with deep revelations and exposures which would corroborate the declarations and statements made by Comey implying Trump’s guilt.

Nothing could be further from the truth
Sessions proved to be a polished, adept and incredibly well-practiced witness. He revealed nothing. He exposed nothing. He confirmed nothing. Nothing in relation to the accusation regarding Russian manipulation in the 2016 election.

He danced. He weaved. He dodged, deked and deflected.
Whenever the testimony edged toward implicating Trump in the accusation, Session evaded a response by invoking the line that he could not report anything relating to the question as it would mean exposing private conversations with the president. Sessions stated that only the president could decide if the content of these conversations could be made public.

Obstruction of justice or executive privilege
It is difficult to ascertain if Sessions is actually guilty of obstructing justice. He definitely avoided any whiff of using ‘executive privilege.’ As an experienced lawyer with more than 20 years Senate service, he was very aware that only the president can invoke the use of executive privilege. Hence, Sessions dodged replying behind claims of lapsed memory, incapability to recall or simply, ‘I don’t remember.’

The outcome?
Trump picked a winner as his Attorney General. Sessions testified for more than two hours and revealed nothing. He hid facts well hiding them behind deflections like, ‘Ask him,’ and ‘not my responsibility.’ Trump remains unscathed.

Do you think Sessions’ testimony is as innocuous as it seems and does nothing to stoke the fires of implicating Trump in the accusation of being involved in the Russian election manipulation, assuming the latter is true?

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