DISCUSSIONS: 4-(June 30) Gender equality a never ending battle for women

Like the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israels, the battle of the sexes may also never see a conclusion.

It is discouraging that gender equality seems to be an endless struggle. 


The question should never be about superiority or supremacy. Instead it should be a declaration of inclusion and equality.

It is time to put the conflict between men and women to bed.

Firstly, the superiority of one over the other is moot, where one dominates in one area, the other dominates in another. So what’s to be gained by debate here?

More importantly, why is there a comparative discussion of to determine superiority. In our society, we are striving for equalization of everyone, for inclusion of everyone. Why perpetuate a debate which polarizes people and divides social groups?

Even more important, as this silly debate rages on, it disregards a more important matter. Our society is now recognizing that the gender demarcation line dividing women and men fails to acknowledge that there are other people. Transgenders, lesbians, queers and others may not label themselves as being male or female. Male, female, and other is too excluding but male, female and ‘plus whoever’ risks having a category which expands endlessly.

The point is categorizing people, labelling by whatever gauge, is inherently wrong. People are people, humans. To label a person without whatever label opens the door to ranking and segregation.

Gender bias should be non-existent now!

What do you think?

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