DISCUSSIONS: 4 – (June 9) Sex discrimination in 2017? Yes, still ! Amazing !

Sex discrimination still exists in 2917? Hard to believe but even some political leaders seem to be dancing lightly around the topic.

Here we are in 2017 still discriminating against certain genders. Hard to believe that anyone would even take notice of gender in this day and age. One would think that society has matured far beyond the level where one sex is restricted in some way or where we judge people of certain gender slants in a negative way.

Read Emma Teitel (Toronto Star)’s comment relating to Andrew Scheer, the new federal leader of the Progressive Conservative Party: Teitel article

Teitel writes about her wedding and how she believes Scheer may find her marriage to another woman discomforting if not outright abhorrent. Let’s hope she did her fact checking on the story completely but if she did, and if he has problems with genders in our society today, he will not get my vote no matter what platform promises he makes.

In this day and age, a person is a person is a person and with due respect to Pierre Trudeau, no one has any business in someone else’s bedroom [unless they are the person’s partner.]

Gender bias, cultural bias, skin colour, religious adherence, these are all facets of people. It makes them unique or different but it doesn’t make them inferior or superior. They are people as are you and me. We should all be treated equally, as human beings.

What do you think about a national political leader making a public stance which may show biases or prejudices?

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